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(edit) @4645   12 months toby more workarounds for Mac svn checksum problem
(edit) @4640   12 months toby workarounds for Mac svn checksum problem
(edit) @4487   16 months toby abort on Complete Molecule optional; bypass decode error
(edit) @4477   16 months toby update new version of g2conda: 3.7+, mpl 3.0 or 3.3; sync up …
(edit) @4376   19 months toby update bootstrap to use all proxy options
(edit) @4242   22 months toby bootstrap fix error
(edit) @4239   22 months toby fix multi-image use in scripts; work on 32-bit windows build
(edit) @3910   2 years toby new packaging including GSAS-II files
(edit) @3515   3 years toby fix bootstrap properties
(edit) @3514   3 years svnjenkins fix bug with proxy input
(edit) @3201   4 years toby update bootstrap for Py3
(edit) @3107   4 years toby more diagnostics; start improvements on Linux shortcut
(edit) @3025   4 years toby work on installation issues
(edit) @2952   4 years toby GSASII installation: support downloading of all binaries
(edit) @2887   4 years toby setup & use bindist location for downloaded binaries
(edit) @2866   4 years toby update to perform 'svn switch'
(edit) @2855   4 years toby rework for more diagnostics; require wxpython 3.x for …
(edit) @2535   5 years toby remove g2conda-specific stuff from stand-alone bootstrap
(edit) @2410   5 years toby update for new mac build
(edit) @2315   5 years toby seems to work, but problem in updating install.bat
(edit) @2128   6 years toby fix quotes on install error
(edit) @1867   6 years toby new universal installer based on
(edit) @1532   7 years toby allow bootstrap to work with old svn, as in 10.5
(edit) @1358   7 years toby update bootstrap: no verification, new msg
(edit) @1251   8 years toby on mac recommend EPD
(edit) @1226   8 years toby change to .xray.aps
(edit) @1085   8 years toby installer uses xterm on GNOME shortcut
(edit) @983   8 years toby new Mac app
(edit) @901   8 years toby look for svn in path & wandisco location
(edit) @672   9 years toby Revise GSAS-II Mac app to run in terminal (fix)
(edit) @671   9 years toby Revise GSAS-II Mac app to run in terminal (fix)
(edit) @669   9 years toby Revise GSAS-II Mac app to run in terminal
(add) @333   10 years toby Add Mac/Linux? install script
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