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(edit) @3330   4 years vondreele modify Bruker image import to keep "TARGET" and use it in …
(edit) @3329   4 years vondreele fix 2 integer divide errors in the Omit map routine fix error …
(edit) @3328   4 years vondreele reformat residue RB display to show residues one at a time
(edit) @3327   4 years vondreele small correction to byte counts for Bruker image importer - only …
(edit) @3326   4 years vondreele fix missing setdist error in Copy selected for image controls set …
(edit) @3325   4 years vondreele add importer for Bruker image FORMAT 100 files fix AAprobability plots …
(edit) @3324   4 years toby fix plot 'w' option for mpl >=1.1 & restore axis save
(edit) @3323   4 years toby fix image plotting at expense of 'w' plots; note code to be obsoleted
(edit) @3322   4 years vondreele fix ge image importer to read multiple images
(edit) @3321   4 years vondreele allow reading of ge files with empty header (ugh!)
(edit) @3320   4 years vondreele implement new delt/sig subplot for PWDR & SASD plots - nvoked with 'w' …
(edit) @3319   4 years toby set a default name when the gpx file name is blank
(edit) @3318   4 years vondreele fix problem with GenAtm? - now has spin flip in result.
(edit) @3317   4 years vondreele magnetic site symmetry restrictions on moments & magnetic site …
(edit) @3316   4 years toby simplify plot toolbar code; continue on missing icon
(edit) @3315   4 years vondreele fix mask issues lines ~2400
(edit) @3314   4 years toby Use standard names as options for mpl backend tools
(edit) @3313   4 years toby fix non-display of excluded regions; option to export plot as csv
(edit) @3312   4 years toby fix layers crashes, change checkbuttons to buttons for GUI consistency
(edit) @3311   4 years vondreele remove unused SytSym? argument from GetCSpqinel - not needed
(edit) @3310   4 years vondreele still more magsym fixes
(edit) @3309   4 years vondreele remove debug prints!
(edit) @3308   4 years vondreele more fixes for mag site symmetry constraints
(edit) @3307   4 years vondreele provide print tool for magnetic space group operators that can be fed …
(edit) @3306   4 years vondreele remove a debug print & fix mag site sym problem
(edit) @3305   4 years toby fixes for sum data & images
(edit) @3304   4 years toby more improvements for publication exports; backdate code to run on mpl 1.1
(edit) @3303   4 years toby Py3 fixes for svn self-update
(edit) @3302   4 years vondreele mag sym fixes
(edit) @3301   4 years vondreele copy lowest valent magnetic formfactors to missing zero valent …
(edit) @3300   4 years vondreele magnetic phase changes, check importers, read old gpxfiles, etc.
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