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(edit) @5289   3 months vondreele fix undoubled escape sequences in line 1442
(edit) @5288   3 months toby add routines to install gsl and/or diffpy.pdffit2, possibly in a …
(edit) @5287   3 months vondreele improvements to zero cycle refinement & partial calcs.
(edit) @5286   3 months toby add Mac pdffit2 .so files
(edit) @5285   3 months toby multiple PDFfit2 changes; seems to work well on Windows w/3.7, 3.8 & 3.9
(edit) @5284   3 months vondreele fix so partials are made only if there are more than one phase in a …
(edit) @5283   3 months vondreele implement partials for TOF, pink & EDS
(edit) @5282   3 months vondreele fixes to partial plots
(edit) @5281   3 months toby start putting paths into PDFfit script
(edit) @5280   3 months toby add it back; now loads for me
(edit) @5279   3 months toby remove .pyd so we can copy it via windows
(edit) @5278   3 months toby pdffit2 binary split from .py files; works on Mac
(edit) @5277   3 months toby reorg pdffit
(edit) @5276   3 months toby always remove excluded regions from difference plots; plot phase partials
(edit) @5275   3 months toby change partial pickle file contents; make partial .csv optional
(edit) @5274   3 months toby implement save of intensities by phase (partials)
(edit) @5273   3 months toby Laue Fringe fixes
(edit) @5272   3 months toby fix Pawley guidance & some html bookmarks
(edit) @5271   3 months toby add in Laue Fringe peak fitting
(edit) @5270   3 months toby move Win64 diffpy into binary directory
(edit) @5269   3 months toby add config var for pdffit2 and show err message
(edit) @5268   4 months toby add csv column selection option
(edit) @5267   4 months toby error w/LeBail flag not set
(edit) @5266   4 months toby error w/LeBail flag not set
(edit) @5265   4 months toby back out LaueFringe? dev work
(edit) @5264   4 months toby print weight fraction w/esd even if not directly varied
(edit) @5263   4 months toby remove entry from html index
(edit) @5262   4 months vondreele revise help pages to a common style; bullet points instead of …
(edit) @5261   4 months toby cleanups in peak fitting
(edit) @5260   4 months toby Add new progress window as an option
(edit) @5259   4 months vondreele add '?' to sequential results display add stuff to help/gsasII.html
(edit) @5258   5 months vondreele skip Pawley phases in calcMassFracs.
(edit) @5257   5 months vondreele Add '?' to various places & all connect to help pages with text filled …
(edit) @5256   5 months vondreele comments in G2image a fix to REFD plotting new help entries for SASD & REFD
(edit) @5255   5 months toby fix for sequential projects w/o ISODISTORT entry
(edit) @5254   5 months vondreele fix image integration for 2-theta stepped images fix issues with …
(edit) @5253   5 months vondreele fix error in PKS importer remove cw multiplier in TOF peak fitting - …
(edit) @5252   5 months vondreele missing figures/equations
(edit) @5251   5 months vondreele useful comments added to GetTruePosition?
(edit) @5250   5 months toby fixes for wx4.1; cleanup for Rigid Body GUI
(edit) @5249   5 months vondreele fix Dysnomia reference in help
(edit) @5248   5 months vondreele '?' help button for Pawley reflection tab
(edit) @5247   5 months vondreele add missing file close in G2pwd MEMupdateReflData change in G2plots …
(edit) @5246   5 months vondreele edits to gsasII help files
(edit) @5245   5 months toby add new mode for peak fitting
(edit) @5244   5 months vondreele change check box to button more edits for gsasII-phase.html
(edit) @5243   5 months vondreele fix crash in GetTruePosition? if getSelection() = 0 add missing delete …
(edit) @5242   5 months vondreele Fix problem with Set one value in Indstrument parameters - bad window …
(edit) @5241   5 months toby all dependent params in sigDict #
(edit) @5240   5 months vondreele Add documentation to G2pwdGUI
(edit) @5239   5 months toby add warning when phase fraction constraint is added as per Bob
(edit) @5238   5 months toby similar warning for Pawley not set up
(edit) @5237   5 months toby Add message for misuse of texture
(edit) @5236   5 months vondreele fix formatting issue in Covariance window document stuff in G2dataGUI, …
(edit) @5235   5 months toby deal with parameters well away from constraint values
(edit) @5234   5 months vondreele Add to the G2 help file; Fprime, Absorb, PlotXNFF & something about …
(edit) @5233   5 months vondreele fix runAbsorb so it runs Absorb
(edit) @5232   5 months toby correct weight fraction calc and replace uses with lookup
(edit) @5231   5 months toby remove duplicate dir
(edit) @5230   5 months vondreele add -it seems to work ok now.
(edit) @5229   5 months vondreele add mossing figures
(edit) @5228   5 months toby updated Tutorials web page for PDFfit
(edit) @5227   5 months vondreele
(edit) @5226   5 months vondreele add missing figs
(edit) @5225   5 months vondreele add missing figs
(edit) @5224   5 months vondreele fix file reference
(edit) @5223   5 months vondreele bad name - fixed
(edit) @5222   5 months vondreele missing figures for PDFfit-III
(edit) @5221   5 months toby updated Tutorials web page for PDFfit
(edit) @5220   5 months vondreele Minor correction to PDFfit initialization stuff in G2phsGUI
(edit) @5219   5 months vondreele Add PDFfit-IV tutorial & small corrections to PDFfit-II and PDFfit-III …
(edit) @5218   5 months vondreele fix copy issues in TransformDialog? so that new phase is independent of …
(edit) @5217   5 months toby further reorg of sequential table build
(edit) @5216   5 months toby improve display of processed constraints
(edit) @5215   5 months vondreele Add new PDFfit-III tutorial
(edit) @5214   5 months vondreele yet another fi to seq PDFfit - fix tabulation error
(edit) @5213   5 months toby add proper computation for Mass fractions (not yet used)
(edit) @5212   5 months vondreele add new tool for showing neutron, x-ray & magnetic (if any) form …
(edit) @5211   5 months vondreele fix bug in background deriv function
(edit) @5210   5 months vondreele add more to bad copy error for instrument parameters fixes to seq. PDFfit
(edit) @5209   5 months toby fix edit error
(edit) @5208   5 months toby better error msg on invalid cell tensor
(edit) @5207   5 months toby show error on invalid cell tensor
(edit) @5206   5 months vondreele one more fix to seq. PDFfit
(edit) @5205   5 months vondreele more fixes to pdffit & sequential PDFfit - now working
(edit) @5204   5 months toby track dep & indep parms better; create fmtESD to flag su vals from dep …
(edit) @5203   5 months vondreele fix 'Type' bug in getBackground for stacking fault simulations add new …
(edit) @5202   5 months toby fix constraint sums -- I hope
(edit) @5201   5 months toby update tutorials web page
(edit) @5200   5 months vondreele fix unclosed file errors in G2pdf_gr
(edit) @5199   5 months vondreele Add documents for PDFfit to diffpy
(edit) @5198   6 months toby new spin/TextCtrl widget
(edit) @5197   6 months vondreele introduce 4 PDFfit tutorials to GSAS-II some fixes driven by tutorial …
(edit) @5196   6 months vondreele new PDFfit-II tutorial
(edit) @5195   6 months vondreele New PDFfit-I tutorial
(edit) @5194   6 months toby include wx.Yield during refinement progress updates
(edit) @5193   6 months vondreele fix q-plot reflection marker bug
(edit) @5192   6 months toby fix constraints where sum is not the same for all eqns
(edit) @5191   6 months toby pseudovars & parametric fitting fixes; add G2 version to CIFs
(edit) @5190   6 months toby remove out of date damping mention, improve Controls formatting
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