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(edit) @5164   22 months toby some PWD cleanups from Laue Fringe work & fullrmc
(edit) @5163   22 months vondreele implement structure drawing that follows changes from sequential PDFfits
(edit) @5162   22 months vondreele add an "Are you sure" to the save distortion mode values button fix …
(edit) @5161   22 months vondreele cleanup constraint display - remove excessive wx.RIGHT,wx.LEFT, etc. - …
(edit) @5160   22 months vondreele fix parameter name issues for sequential PDFFIT RESULTS
(edit) @5159   22 months toby reformat Phase help page; needs missing figures
(edit) @5158   22 months vondreele correct keys for sequential PDFfit refinements - now all int
(edit) @5157   22 months toby clean up ISODISTORT GUI and add ne buttons
(edit) @5156   22 months toby clean up ISO mode printing
(edit) @5155   22 months vondreele fix update of ISODISTORT modes if not refined.
(edit) @5154   22 months vondreele fix to ISODISTORT mode result listing after refinement
(edit) @5153   22 months toby revamp of constraints New Var does not use dependent param vary flags; …
(edit) @5152   23 months vondreele fix RMC GUI options for PDFfit fix background Bragg peak fits for EDX data
(edit) @5151   23 months toby improve seq. ref. constraint warning
(edit) @5150   23 months toby add CSV seq exports; fix multiphase seq CIF exports
(edit) @5149   23 months toby more doc formatting cleanup
(edit) @5148   23 months toby add/fix comments
(edit) @5147   23 months vondreele Add new routine to G2lat - AplusDij? & use it in a couple of places add …
(edit) @5146   23 months toby fix slider
(edit) @5145   23 months toby fix testDeriv to handle derivatives of parameters created by …
(edit) @5144   23 months vondreele G2pwd - close file left unclosed (fqdata) skip generating …
(edit) @5143   23 months toby more Mogul fixes
(edit) @5142   23 months toby revise CIF output to include only unique su values
(edit) @5141   23 months vondreele avoid crash & provide error message on console if EDX data used in a …
(edit) @5140   23 months vondreele fix fitting background points for EDX data
(edit) @5139   23 months vondreele further fixes for putting Type in the DData entry.
(edit) @5138   23 months vondreele Add histogram Type to default DData dictionary; needed for EDX but …
(edit) @5137   23 months vondreele fix to constraint delete function - order of delete list must be …
(edit) @5136   23 months toby warn if shift/s.u. may not be correct for CIF project export
(edit) @5135   23 months toby show that max(shtf/esd) is from all cycles; fix bug for install path …
(edit) @5134   23 months toby update MacOS M1 binaries
(edit) @5133   23 months toby deal with .so files not working in upgraded OS on M1 Mac
(edit) @5132   23 months toby correct M1 Mac bin path name
(edit) @5131   23 months toby add Pi 32-bit bullseye binaries
(edit) @5130   23 months vondreele revise ISODISTORT operation - now uses Method 4 by default. Revise …
(edit) @5129   23 months toby Raspbian-64 (bullseye) build & fixes
(edit) @5128   23 months toby include s.u. for all atom parameters
(edit) @5127   23 months toby misc CIF fixes (init block name; stop save of default template file name)
(edit) @5126   23 months toby successful Raspberry Pi install
(edit) @5125   23 months toby successful Raspberry Pi install
(edit) @5124   23 months vondreele Fix problem of computing Bragg peak background function with irregular …
(edit) @5123   23 months toby 1st pass at fixing Mogul imports
(edit) @5122   2 years toby start on fullrmc mods; wx4.1 fix; address wx.Point with float args warning
(edit) @5121   2 years toby update fullrmc build files
(edit) @5120   2 years toby fix arrow keys for PlotPattern? in w mode
(edit) @5119   2 years toby fix (partial?) problems with reading short HM names in fulHM routine
(edit) @5118   2 years toby revisions for constraint processing & display
(edit) @5117   2 years vondreele complete implementation of EDX data in GSAS-II; will do LeBail? or …
(edit) @5116   2 years vondreele fixes to EDX calcs for LeBail?; start on Pawley for EDX.
(edit) @5115   2 years vondreele fix cif exporter
(edit) @5114   2 years vondreele various fixes for EDX data fitting by LeBail? various fixes for SAD …
(edit) @5113   2 years vondreele set limits in PDF calcs to use the selected lower limit but ignore the …
(edit) @5112   2 years vondreele implement energy dispersive x-ray data as a new type 'PXE'; assume …
(edit) @5111   2 years toby fixed new minor errors
(edit) @5110   2 years toby constraint comments
(edit) @5109   2 years vondreele fix problems of multiphase structure drawings & bad geometries seen …
(edit) @5108   2 years vondreele Add tests to transformation matrix in TransformDialog?; returns None if bad.
(edit) @5107   2 years vondreele fix instrument parameter file prep for x-ray data in RMCProfile
(edit) @5106   2 years vondreele modifications to handle sequential PDFfit analysis & plot the results. …
(edit) @5105   2 years vondreele fix monoclinic b form for CellDijCorr? line 275; missing last zero.
(edit) @5104   2 years toby fix misc. sphinx-docs formatting
(edit) @5103   2 years toby update OriginPro? tutorial section
(edit) @5102   2 years toby note 2021 or later OriginPro? requirement
(edit) @5101   2 years vondreele fix typo in line 4435 Origin stuff
(edit) @5100   2 years toby make sure excludeMode is initialized
(edit) @5099   2 years toby fix: seq hist template now saved; delay file open
(edit) @5098   2 years toby correct additional of cell type in indexing
(edit) @5097   2 years vondreele Add message for when PDFfit2 is missing or unavailable.
(edit) @5096   2 years vondreele add stripped down windows version (no Tests) of diffpy to GSAS-II …
(edit) @5095   2 years vondreele fix RESO in export MTZ
(edit) @5094   2 years vondreele fix issues in export MTZ. Make F as default (instead of F2)
(edit) @5093   2 years svnjenkins Build with Build_Linux64_py3.9 on linux64 master
(edit) @5092   2 years svnjenkins Build with Build_Linux64_py3.9 on linux64 master
(edit) @5091   2 years svnjenkins Build test Jenkins
(edit) @5090   2 years vondreele add MTZ exporter for both F2 and F options. The F style MTZ file can …
(edit) @5089   2 years toby Manually add Jenkins built binaries for Python 3.9/Win64 (more .dlls)
(edit) @5088   2 years toby Manually add Jenkins built binaries for Python 3.9/Win64
(edit) @5087   2 years toby add DLLs to win_64 py3.8
(edit) @5086   2 years toby more mmCIF seqCIF work: export used hists, fix R-factor reporting, …
(edit) @5085   2 years toby more mmCIF fixes; combine Overall & Phase blocks where single-phase
(edit) @5084   2 years toby update PWDR help btn formatting; compute changes to peak values …
(edit) @5083   2 years toby fix scaling of ISODISTORT displacement modes so esds are correct; …
(edit) @5082   2 years toby fix scaling of ISODISTORT displacement modes so esds are correct; …
(edit) @5081   2 years toby mmCIF export: more atoms table tweaks
(edit) @5080   2 years toby mmCIF export: histogram info
(edit) @5079   2 years toby mmCIF export: more work on atoms table
(edit) @5078   2 years toby start on mmCIF export
(edit) @5077   2 years vondreele make all plot line widths in PlotPatterns? = 1.5. This looks best.
(edit) @5076   2 years vondreele powder plots are now '+' or lines; not combined for the obs data.
(edit) @5075   2 years vondreele finish 1st attempt at GSAS-II to PDFfit interface - it seems to work.
(edit) @5074   2 years toby allow older Python -- fixed
(edit) @5073   2 years toby allow older Python
(edit) @5072   2 years toby cleanup indexing of phases/hists
(edit) @5071   2 years vondreele Add 'Temp' to PDF controls - needed for future se. PDFfit fix bugs in …
(edit) @5070   2 years toby ISO: add show mode defs; create CIF for ISO calc; remove ISO calc from …
(edit) @5069   2 years toby Make svn location a config option
(edit) @5068   2 years toby add Run ISODISTORT to menu for ISODISTORT tab; allow it to be rerun
(edit) @5067   2 years toby ISODISTORT mode/displacement fixes; allow indexing of all Phases where …
(edit) @5066   2 years vondreele fixes to RMCProfile stuff to accomodate creation of vacancies in …
(edit) @5065   2 years vondreele remove check on Histograms & Phases in beginning of UpdateConstraints?
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