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(edit) @4434   3 years vondreele Change Force=True for anisotropic atms in call to GenAtom? in …
(edit) @4433   3 years toby fix problem where histogram has reflections, but is not in phase; …
(edit) @4432   3 years vondreele change ifConstraint flag in Transform to False flag missing reflection …
(edit) @4431   3 years toby new code for locating RBs; redo GUI for RB extractor
(edit) @4430   3 years vondreele some cleanup of fullrmc stuff
(edit) @4429   3 years toby not that change yet
(edit) @4428   3 years toby minor RB stuff in prep for new add RB code
(edit) @4427   3 years vondreele fullrmc fixes
(edit) @4426   3 years vondreele fix bug in bond restraint import
(edit) @4425   3 years vondreele fix generation of fullrmc pdb file for structures with partial …
(edit) @4424   3 years toby fix RB selection with 1 RB
(edit) @4423   3 years vondreele fix to RMC stuff
(edit) @4422   3 years vondreele more fullrmc stuff
(edit) @4421   3 years toby add R.B. extractor; misc doc updates; plt bug after strip Hs; grid …
(edit) @4420   3 years vondreele improvements to fullrmc interface
(edit) @4419   3 years toby Allow plotting to show selected atoms; reorder some code to put …
(edit) @4418   3 years vondreele change macromolecular default drawing from sticks (slow) to van der …
(edit) @4417   3 years vondreele further enhancements of the fullrmc - GSAS-II interface; now does atom …
(edit) @4416   3 years vondreele fix 3D surface problem when changing mystrain/size axis remove …
(edit) @4415   3 years vondreele change export_PDB to handle fullrmc pdb files implement Wenqian's mod …
(edit) @4414   3 years toby add libgcc to Binaries/mac_64_p3.7_n1.17
(edit) @4413   3 years toby add texture docs and fix build problem
(edit) @4412   3 years toby update tree item display after delete data tree entry
(edit) @4411   3 years toby bug in CIF export; misc cleanup
(edit) @4410   3 years toby do much more cleanup after phase delete; refactor some importer …
(edit) @4409   3 years toby select bank for scripting simulation
(edit) @4408   3 years toby warning for MPL 3.1 & 3.2
(edit) @4407   3 years toby pin at MPL 3.0 in gsas2complete for now
(edit) @4406   3 years toby don't allow used PWDR or HKLF histograms to be deleted
(edit) @4405   3 years vondreele continue fullrmc interface work fix bad PatternId? problem in Texture GUI
(edit) @4404   3 years vondreele revise RMCProfile/fullrmc GUI for data files - better interface & has …
(edit) @4403   3 years toby add new incid. beam mono convolutor to FPA; refactor FPA GUI
(edit) @4402   3 years toby add scattering factors to CIF; catch overwrite of 1st reflection bug(\!\!)
(edit) @4401   3 years vondreele Add texture index & esd to texture results - all 3 different cases. …
(edit) @4400   3 years vondreele add rigid body save to make new pdb file with properly named atoms - …
(edit) @4399   3 years toby major refactoring & corrections to ISODISTORT mode import and computations
(edit) @4398   3 years vondreele fix abc* transform for layers
(edit) @4397   3 years vondreele fullrmc interface for run & view done (for now)
(edit) @4396   3 years toby improve end-of-life message, add tools to run bash/bat scripts outside …
(edit) @4395   3 years toby why old svn package? remove free channel
(edit) @4394   3 years toby why old svn package? keep channels but null
(edit) @4393   3 years toby why old svn package?
(edit) @4392   3 years toby prepare for numpy>=1.18 & matplotlib>=3.1.3
(edit) @4391   3 years toby prepare for numpy>=1.18 & matplotlib>=3.1.3
(edit) @4390   3 years toby prepare for mac build
(edit) @4389   3 years vondreele adding fullrmc View & Execute methods. Still to do Setup. Replace …
(edit) @4388   3 years vondreele Add warning for using type=2 TOF instrument profile function in old …
(edit) @4387   3 years toby rename to avoid ambiguity with fullrmc channel
(edit) @4386   3 years toby use noarch & prepare for Jenkins builds
(edit) @4385   3 years vondreele
(edit) @4384   3 years toby add skipped files
(edit) @4383   3 years toby upload files for conda builds
(edit) @4382   3 years toby share fullrmc packaging files
(edit) @4381   3 years toby update tutorial listing
(edit) @4380   4 years toby avoid missing _reverse_cmap_spec in MPL 3.2
(edit) @4379   4 years toby fix isodistort constraint processing
(edit) @4378   4 years vondreele begin fullrmc implementation - 1st avoid crash if not installed - give …
(edit) @4377   4 years vondreele Add end-of-life warning for python 2.7 small fix for mag str. fctr calc
(edit) @4376   4 years toby update bootstrap to use all proxy options
(edit) @4375   4 years vondreele try to rationalize plot & data window behavior - put data window on …
(edit) @4374   4 years toby use https before http
(edit) @4373   4 years vondreele cleanup magnetic sym op display - now allows print of X1,x2,x3,x4 as …
(edit) @4372   4 years toby streamline Post access to web pages; try http before https
(edit) @4371   4 years vondreele patch to avoid crash on missing Layer Disp in Refine
(edit) @4370   4 years vondreele Add new parameter to Data tab - Layer DispSizerThis? is intended to …
(edit) @4369   4 years vondreele new menu item in main menu Data/Delete? plots - allows deleting …
(edit) @4368   4 years vondreele missed a III --> IV tutorial
(edit) @4367   4 years vondreele New tutorial
(edit) @4366   4 years vondreele Add plotting of bond distance & bond angle distributions found in …
(edit) @4365   4 years toby set keywords & eol on all G2 files
(edit) @4364   4 years toby minor docs changes; remove remaining .xor. reference
(edit) @4363   4 years toby remove debug line
(edit) @4362   4 years toby doc stuff
(edit) @4361   4 years toby fix hist CIF export, remove dev. ver of IntPDFtool
(edit) @4360   4 years toby change load-gpx dialog to match exit and start new project
(edit) @4359   4 years vondreele update tutorial
(edit) @4358   4 years vondreele update tutorial
(edit) @4357   4 years vondreele
(edit) @4356   4 years vondreele remove arrowhead for quiver plot in PlotXYZvect - wasn't the right color.
(edit) @4355   4 years vondreele Add RMCProfile-III tutorial to list in G2ctrlGUI so it shows up in …
(edit) @4354   4 years vondreele New RMCProfile-III tutorial
(edit) @4353   4 years toby fix bond distance monitor in sequential fit
(edit) @4352   4 years toby expand proxy GUI for more lines
(edit) @4351   4 years vondreele Work on Compare results for more than one type of bond polyhedra. Now …
(edit) @4350   4 years toby add warning for azimuths with no pixels
(edit) @4349   4 years toby fix integration over azimuths with no pixels
(edit) @4348   4 years vondreele Detail work on various RMC plots - getting titles & axes labels correct
(edit) @4347   4 years vondreele restrict G(R) plots to Rmax - sphere enclosed by big box model in …
(edit) @4346   4 years toby implement additional proxy access (documented in …
(edit) @4345   4 years toby Add more image settings to preferences; prevent save of …
(edit) @4344   4 years vondreele
(edit) @4343   4 years toby deal with exporters sharing extension in autointegration
(edit) @4342   4 years vondreele correct scale factor for xray .bragg file try 1/w for xray real space …
(edit) @4341   4 years vondreele use size & mustrain correctly in making RMCProfile .inst file
(edit) @4340   4 years vondreele change http to https for Bilbao web side - works better via eduroam, etc.
(edit) @4339   4 years toby set svn flags; improve compare F-test & add info & covariance plot
(edit) @4338   4 years vondreele fix bug in integrate when no spot mask default set up.
(edit) @4337   4 years vondreele add 'Va' for vacancy to valence table skip 'Va' atoms in partials …
(edit) @4336   4 years toby new docs section
(edit) @4335   4 years toby add autoInt routine, add f-test; updates for documentation
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