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(edit) @4021   3 years toby implement filter for screen messages; start to replace print() with …
(edit) @4020   3 years vondreele comment out sell constraint build for transform & mag structures - …
(edit) @4019   3 years vondreele put directions for delete restraints in status bar; fix bug in G2spc
(edit) @4018   3 years vondreele set default to Bragg-Brentano for dual wavelength source & using …
(edit) @4017   3 years vondreele fix input of saved background parms with peaks
(edit) @4016   3 years vondreele fix problem if magcells True but no list of them (in Unit Cells List) …
(edit) @4015   3 years toby add setHAPvalues to scriptable; disable import G(r) because broken
(edit) @4014   3 years vondreele fix print bug in fourier map calculation
(edit) @4013   3 years vondreele another try at fix for cylindrical texture & single PWDR data
(edit) @4012   3 years vondreele reinstate texture model as possible with single histograms - skip the …
(edit) @4011   3 years toby test if texture is set non-zero w/o appropriate histograms
(edit) @4010   3 years toby add hidden diagnostic plot option (.) to show Y*W
(edit) @4009   3 years toby add convariance to recalibrate all, so esd's are computed properly …
(edit) @4008   3 years toby don't apply invalid plot limits
(edit) @4007   3 years vondreele fix crash on Plot1.set_ylim(CurLims?) when CurLims? is None or NAN?
(edit) @4006   3 years toby fix seq. plot where esd is None
(edit) @4005   3 years toby improve scripting for HAP vars; minor doc changes
(edit) @4004   3 years toby add file for Inst Parms plot
(edit) @4003   3 years toby fix subtle bug in plotCovar where cursor showed only initial vals; add …
(edit) @4002   3 years vondreele finish implementation of generating added reflections for Dysnomia. …
(edit) @4001   3 years toby add SeqRes? section to scriptable; minor docs cleanup; show cell even …
(edit) @4000   3 years vondreele begin adding "unobserved" reflections to Dysnomia input
(edit) @3999   3 years toby reorg PDF computation/save as non-GUI code, add PDF to scriptable, doc …
(edit) @3998   3 years vondreele make use of pgrid files from Dysnomia as prior & restart maps
(edit) @3997   3 years toby Update the mac install to use python rather than pythonw, should now …
(edit) @3996   3 years vondreele py 3.7 fix to running Dysnomia
(edit) @3995   3 years vondreele Add save of indexed peaks to csv file fix neutron bugs in MEM Dysnomia code
(edit) @3994   3 years vondreele clean finish if Dysonmia fails
(edit) @3993   3 years vondreele fix typo in Dysnomia prep of .mem file
(edit) @3992   3 years vondreele provide protections for Dysnomia - no fourier, missing executable
(edit) @3991   3 years vondreele process Dysnomia reflection table result saving new Fosq & phase in …
(edit) @3990   3 years vondreele MEM Dysnomia now works but can be uncontrolled. No feedback into …
(edit) @3989   3 years toby improve clarity
(edit) @3988   3 years vondreele make mime-type
(edit) @3987   3 years vondreele
(edit) @3986   3 years vondreele replace bad tutorial
(edit) @3985   3 years svnjenkins Build with Build_win32_py3.7 on win64-2 windows-x64
(edit) @3984   3 years svnjenkins Build with Build_win32_py3.7 on win64-2 windows-x64
(edit) @3983   3 years toby add contour to set limits w/Apply button; finish contour U/D …
(edit) @3982   3 years vondreele begin work on MEM interface to Dysnomia Change fourier/cf "Resolution" …
(edit) @3981   3 years toby fix misc PDF issues
(edit) @3980   3 years toby fix misc PDF issues
(edit) @3979   3 years vondreele fix problem reading two different vintages of Bruker raw1.01 files; …
(edit) @3978   3 years vondreele more cleanup of Absorb & Fprime; cursor shows values now
(edit) @3977   3 years toby Update help info for Sample Parms & add help button
(edit) @3976   3 years vondreele finish cleanup of fprime and absorb
(edit) @3975   3 years vondreele some fixup of fprime - more still to do
(edit) @3974   3 years toby more minor doc updates
(edit) @3973   3 years toby Load all fix; doc updates
(edit) @3972   3 years toby fix unset showSlice
(edit) @3971   3 years toby skip exception processing from inside Spyder & if IPython is not present
(edit) @3970   3 years toby Py3 bug on Pawley Estimate; Scriptable corrections
(edit) @3969   3 years vondreele fix Bruker raw 1.01 importer
(edit) @3968   3 years vondreele add grid control to absorb & fprime
(edit) @3967   3 years vondreele embed fprime & absorb plots in GSAS-II plot window as separate tabs. …
(edit) @3966   3 years vondreele remove extra import
(edit) @3965   3 years toby slightly better approach to tutorial path
(edit) @3964   3 years vondreele fix RB bug involving zipped lists
(edit) @3963   3 years vondreele change pylab to pyplot in fprime & absorb undo the addition of S301 to …
(edit) @3962   3 years toby rework updating of plots after a refinement
(edit) @3961   3 years vondreele set self.tutorialPath = '.\G2tutorial' if others fail. Don't know if …
(edit) @3960   3 years toby add more svn cleanup attempts
(edit) @3959   3 years toby Bugs from Ivo: scripting & seq. table plotting; script addition for …
(edit) @3958   3 years vondreele add contour level list to status bar (when cursor is moved over plot)
(edit) @3957   3 years vondreele fix problem of ghost drawings in plots after use of contouring
(edit) @3956   3 years vondreele fix bug in refPlotUpdate - missing phase colors put progress bars in …
(edit) @3955   3 years toby revisit [3952]
(edit) @3954   3 years toby add cleanup if svn error for svn switch & update
(edit) @3953   3 years vondreele change defaults for sphere of enclosure atom add - can be used to get …
(edit) @3952   3 years toby PickId? set to zero(?)
(edit) @3951   3 years vondreele fix a pickid bug in ReplotPattern?
(edit) @3950   3 years vondreele fix issues with 'N' & 'P' atom plot selection key
(edit) @3949   3 years vondreele suppress green dot density plotting for 4D maps - they aren't correct …
(edit) @3948   3 years vondreele a better way to fix scroll bar issue in Residue RB display
(edit) @3947   3 years vondreele fix to Residue RB scroll issue with residue selection; had to resize …
(edit) @3946   3 years vondreele correction to contouring for cells out side reference; needed a %1. on …
(edit) @3945   3 years vondreele fix 4D display of contour maps; now properly track with atom modulations
(edit) @3944   3 years toby fix for vector rigid body display
(edit) @3943   3 years vondreele fix scroll bars in Residue rigid body display
(edit) @3942   3 years vondreele force matplotlib backend to be wxAgg (not pyQt) - then contouring …
(edit) @3941   3 years vondreele fix peak picking problem - missing Z parameter in instparm file. Now …
(edit) @3940   3 years toby initialize oldBat in makeBat
(edit) @3939   3 years vondreele check if old GSASII.bat file in registry exists; if not change …
(edit) @3938   3 years toby misc doc updates
(edit) @3937   3 years vondreele change IV to V in title
(edit) @3936   3 years vondreele put activate from python/Scripts in
(edit) @3935   3 years vondreele
(edit) @3934   3 years toby try to avoid calling, etc. twice
(edit) @3933   3 years vondreele use Status bar message for h/v option on view dir.
(edit) @3932   3 years vondreele Another fix for PatternId? = 0
(edit) @3931   3 years vondreele alternate settings for view direction appear to work, but still hidden …
(edit) @3930   3 years toby more debugging of OSX packaging
(edit) @3929   3 years vondreele makeBat now recognizes old GSAS-II shortcuts & allows alternative name …
(edit) @3928   3 years vondreele fix bug in ReplotPattern? if pattern missing (deleted)
(edit) @3927   3 years vondreele modified makeBat to check about old .gpx registry entries add options …
(edit) @3926   3 years toby bugfix for plot updates: conflict for single xtal
(edit) @3925   3 years toby bugfix for fixed background: conflict for single xtal
(edit) @3924   3 years toby more debugging of OSX packaging
(edit) @3923   3 years toby more debugging of OSX packaging
(edit) @3922   3 years toby more debugging of OSX packaging
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