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(edit) @3354   5 years toby update profile params generation tutorial
(edit) @3353   5 years vondreele remove call to paint after selecting all atoms. (paint cleared …
(edit) @3352   5 years toby add optional histogram label (shown only as plot title so far); set up …
(edit) @3351   5 years toby fix publication plot in Q & d-space modes
(edit) @3350   5 years vondreele set main data window title to gpx file name by default.
(edit) @3349   5 years toby allow publication plot to work with older MPL versions
(edit) @3348   5 years vondreele add new configuration for selecting instprm first add save.load for …
(edit) @3347   5 years toby fix X offset in waterfall plots
(edit) @3346   5 years vondreele fix the 1,1,1,90,90,90 problem for lattice parm default - 2 places
(edit) @3345   5 years toby rework ValidatedTextCtrl? so that typeHint overrides the initial …
(edit) @3344   5 years toby add more publication plot options
(edit) @3343   5 years toby add to web page listing
(edit) @3342   5 years toby add fit profile terms tutorial
(edit) @3341   5 years vondreele simplify mag moment derivatives
(edit) @3340   5 years vondreele make testDeriv py3 compatible fix problem with Reload draw atoms - mag …
(edit) @3339   5 years vondreele fix to magstructure factor calc for multiple mag atoms fxn now OK, but …
(edit) @3338   5 years vondreele fix SpnFlp? issues for mcif imports - had messed up mag structure …
(edit) @3337   5 years vondreele fixes to MagStructureFactor2use ValidatedTxYctrl? for unit cell input …
(edit) @3336   5 years vondreele fix atom multiplicity doubling if centro & magnetic imported from cif …
(edit) @3335   5 years vondreele fix display of magnetic symmetry operators with colors ("Show spins")
(edit) @3334   5 years vondreele correct issues with import & display of incommensurate magnetic spin …
(edit) @3333   5 years vondreele add new Parm menu item Load Multi Contols for load image controls for …
(edit) @3332   5 years vondreele preset image parameters for Bruker; allows easy recalibrate & integration
(edit) @3331   5 years vondreele fix column averaging in seq results table
(edit) @3330   5 years vondreele modify Bruker image import to keep "TARGET" and use it in …
(edit) @3329   5 years vondreele fix 2 integer divide errors in the Omit map routine fix error …
(edit) @3328   5 years vondreele reformat residue RB display to show residues one at a time
(edit) @3327   5 years vondreele small correction to byte counts for Bruker image importer - only …
(edit) @3326   6 years vondreele fix missing setdist error in Copy selected for image controls set …
(edit) @3325   6 years vondreele add importer for Bruker image FORMAT 100 files fix AAprobability plots …
(edit) @3324   6 years toby fix plot 'w' option for mpl >=1.1 & restore axis save
(edit) @3323   6 years toby fix image plotting at expense of 'w' plots; note code to be obsoleted
(edit) @3322   6 years vondreele fix ge image importer to read multiple images
(edit) @3321   6 years vondreele allow reading of ge files with empty header (ugh!)
(edit) @3320   6 years vondreele implement new delt/sig subplot for PWDR & SASD plots - nvoked with 'w' …
(edit) @3319   6 years toby set a default name when the gpx file name is blank
(edit) @3318   6 years vondreele fix problem with GenAtm? - now has spin flip in result.
(edit) @3317   6 years vondreele magnetic site symmetry restrictions on moments & magnetic site …
(edit) @3316   6 years toby simplify plot toolbar code; continue on missing icon
(edit) @3315   6 years vondreele fix mask issues lines ~2400
(edit) @3314   6 years toby Use standard names as options for mpl backend tools
(edit) @3313   6 years toby fix non-display of excluded regions; option to export plot as csv
(edit) @3312   6 years toby fix layers crashes, change checkbuttons to buttons for GUI consistency
(edit) @3311   6 years vondreele remove unused SytSym? argument from GetCSpqinel - not needed
(edit) @3310   6 years vondreele still more magsym fixes
(edit) @3309   6 years vondreele remove debug prints!
(edit) @3308   6 years vondreele more fixes for mag site symmetry constraints
(edit) @3307   6 years vondreele provide print tool for magnetic space group operators that can be fed …
(edit) @3306   6 years vondreele remove a debug print & fix mag site sym problem
(edit) @3305   6 years toby fixes for sum data & images
(edit) @3304   6 years toby more improvements for publication exports; backdate code to run on mpl 1.1
(edit) @3303   6 years toby Py3 fixes for svn self-update
(edit) @3302   6 years vondreele mag sym fixes
(edit) @3301   6 years vondreele copy lowest valent magnetic formfactors to missing zero valent …
(edit) @3300   6 years vondreele magnetic phase changes, check importers, read old gpxfiles, etc.
(edit) @3299   6 years toby Add Q to powder CSV export
(edit) @3298   6 years toby add publication quality Rietveld plots
(edit) @3297   6 years vondreele progress on magnetism - BNS system ok for monoclinic, orthorhombic, …
(edit) @3296   6 years vondreele add selection for mustain, size & 3D pole distribution projections
(edit) @3295   6 years vondreele remove superfluous calls to SpcGroup? after SGData has been defined add …
(edit) @3294   6 years toby more doc fixes
(edit) @3293   6 years vondreele Fix problems with GenAtom?
(edit) @3292   6 years toby rework Scriptable docs
(edit) @3291   6 years toby Make sure General always displays appropriate menus
(edit) @3290   6 years toby scripting doc updates; magnification Py3 updates
(edit) @3289   6 years vondreele add 5d magnetic form factors
(edit) @3288   6 years toby Add plot magnification; misc plot fixes
(edit) @3287   6 years vondreele fix atom transformation issues in modulation drawings.
(edit) @3286   6 years vondreele add modulation movies to structure drawings; makes gif files for both …
(edit) @3285   6 years vondreele start on symmetry constraints for magnetic modulations add error …
(edit) @3284   6 years vondreele fix auto PDF if no formula given; assumes 'C 1.0'; put in missing …
(edit) @3283   6 years vondreele fix texture plot problem
(edit) @3282   6 years vondreele proper handling of gray group supersymmetry symbols, fix special …
(edit) @3281   6 years vondreele again phase change gui fix
(edit) @3280   6 years vondreele revisit change phase - still have flicker issues
(edit) @3279   6 years toby make sure new phases get selected in tree; call critical bits (what …
(edit) @3278   6 years vondreele undo move to unit cell before modulation fix (again) General tab display
(edit) @3277   6 years vondreele fix to General phase display issue
(edit) @3276   6 years vondreele fixes to WaveSizer? for individual wavetypes. fixes to GetSSfxuinel to …
(edit) @3275   6 years toby oops\!
(edit) @3274   6 years toby comment out plot changes in progress
(edit) @3273   6 years toby fixup tab landing for phases
(edit) @3272   6 years toby improve plot docs
(edit) @3271   6 years toby improve plot docs
(edit) @3270   6 years toby revise plot update code; add plotting docs & cleanup; always use last …
(edit) @3269   6 years vondreele fix editing of wave data to account for new waveType definitions
(edit) @3268   6 years vondreele begin work on incommensurate mag SF calcs. fix problem with fade calc. …
(edit) @3267   6 years vondreele switch RB & LB on frame/polygon help text to match action
(edit) @3266   6 years vondreele change modulated wave type assignments so one for each kind of wave …
(edit) @3265   6 years toby fix multiple typos reported by user
(edit) @3264   6 years toby deal with lack of BackFile? for older GPX files
(edit) @3263   6 years toby redo reflection labeling conversions; fix crash on update of dummy range
(edit) @3262   6 years toby fix tooltip for reflection labeling
(edit) @3261   6 years vondreele implement import of mcif with Crenel site fraction functions
(edit) @3260   6 years toby misc Py3 fixes
(edit) @3259   6 years vondreele modulated mag moment fix
(edit) @3258   6 years toby Apply Dij values to lattice constants
(edit) @3257   6 years vondreele fixes to incommensurate space group symbol handling
(edit) @3256   6 years toby add code to update phase parms from sequential fit
(edit) @3255   6 years toby add code to update phase parms from sequential fit
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