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(edit) @2501   6 years vondreele fix (again!) mag moment drawings clean up testDeriv
(edit) @2500   6 years vondreele protect a dlg in DoIndexPeaks? fix a lost G2frame.LimitsTable? - need to …
(edit) @2499   6 years vondreele move setting of G2frame.HKL from MakeReflectionTable? to ShowReflTable?; …
(edit) @2498   6 years toby set Refine flag after linking hist & phase in import
(edit) @2497   6 years vondreele further work on mag derivatives all seem ok except Mx, My, & Mz
(edit) @2496   6 years vondreele small modification to fix of post Refine crash in ConstrGUI
(edit) @2495   6 years vondreele some cleanup of Data tab fix (!) crash after Refine for Costraints & …
(edit) @2494   6 years toby missing data directory in Tutorials/BkgFit?
(edit) @2493   6 years vondreele add display of phase weight fraction to DData tab
(edit) @2492   6 years vondreele fix handling of Lande g factor fix Mag structure factor calcs - now OK …
(edit) @2491   6 years vondreele fix bug for call to GetPhaseData? in export phase put in stub for …
(edit) @2490   6 years vondreele fix integer arithmetic issue in makeRing
(edit) @2489   6 years vondreele also for D11, etc. allow all others to be used in equivalence
(edit) @2488   6 years vondreele Allow equivalence constraints between A0-A5 on one phase and any of …
(edit) @2487   6 years vondreele fix unit cell search range for bond distance & angle restraints fix …
(edit) @2486   6 years vondreele fix mag form factor lookup - some aren't chemical valences (e.g. Fe+4) …
(edit) @2485   6 years toby add Compute density to Phase/atoms
(edit) @2484   6 years vondreele fix transform to properly move magnetic moments (if space group is not …
(edit) @2483   6 years vondreele fix site symmetry issues for magnetic moments on special positions
(edit) @2482   6 years vondreele allow atom constraints between phases
(edit) @2481   6 years vondreele force Transform to delete nonmagnetic atoms if phase made magnetic & …
(edit) @2480   6 years vondreele add make magnetic phase to General/Transform? option trap missing rigid …
(edit) @2479   6 years toby Rework plotting to refresh after refinements
(edit) @2478   6 years vondreele work up to magnetic structure factor calcs.
(edit) @2477   6 years vondreele fix bug in integration limits set better default plot offsets for …
(edit) @2476   6 years vondreele Add new feature to structure plots - display an hkl plane or stack of …
(edit) @2475   6 years vondreele fix spin transform errors - now match old GSAS fix spin flip import …
(edit) @2474   6 years vondreele fix spin inversion plot & some refine list issues
(edit) @2473   6 years vondreele work on magnetic structures - import from EXP, plotting, LS refine …
(edit) @2472   7 years vondreele fix color issues with structure plots
(edit) @2471   7 years vondreele complete atom/draw atom editing for magnetic structures
(edit) @2470   7 years vondreele magnetic structure editing/drawing work - includes site symm restrictions
(edit) @2469   7 years vondreele implement plot of Dzero line on Strain plots from 2D images.
(edit) @2468   7 years vondreele add dzero calc from compression 2D images plot magnetic structures; …
(edit) @2467   7 years vondreele modify 2D strain Dcalc to be dmin+(dmax-dmin)/4. per Yan Gao begin …
(edit) @2466   7 years vondreele implement user entered starting Marquardt lambda value (order of …
(edit) @2465   7 years toby implement 3 dimensional HDF images
(edit) @2464   7 years vondreele magnetic space group work - spin flip display
(edit) @2463   7 years toby allow comma & semicolon for .xye; validate .csv
(edit) @2462   7 years toby allow semicolon for .csv
(edit) @2461   7 years vondreele magnetic space group determination done
(edit) @2460   7 years vondreele further fixes to edf importer
(edit) @2459   7 years vondreele fix import of edf SignedLong? image
(edit) @2458   7 years vondreele Mag space group work
(edit) @2457   7 years vondreele fix bug in PWDR selection for PDF
(edit) @2456   7 years toby fix Rigaku bug
(edit) @2455   7 years vondreele implement Clip_on as config parameter with True as default
(edit) @2454   7 years vondreele make clip_on configurablle
(edit) @2453   7 years vondreele changed clip_on=False to True in Stops plotting outside …
(edit) @2452   7 years toby read Rigaku 2 column files
(edit) @2451   7 years vondreele Add target atom type selection to sphere of enclosure
(edit) @2450   7 years vondreele fix error in matrix in getCellEsd & RetDistAngle? Add new atom drawing …
(edit) @2449   7 years toby Fix CIF exports; make sure exporters are imported only once (on Mac)
(edit) @2448   7 years vondreele fix error in getCellEsd - bad v*mat*v inner product. Cell esds now OK
(edit) @2447   7 years toby fix/cleanup 'Reverse Seq'
(edit) @2446   7 years toby rebuilds after unpack update
(edit) @2445   7 years vondreele fixes to pack_f.for & unpack_cbf.for; replace all binwin2.7 & …
(edit) @2444   7 years vondreele small correction to, new binwin2.7 & binwin66-2.7
(edit) @2443   7 years toby rebuild 64 bin mac & linux binaries
(edit) @2442   7 years vondreele missed one
(edit) @2441   7 years vondreele fix bug in unpack_cbf.for, cleanup & reload win32 & win64 …
(edit) @2440   7 years vondreele a modified version of G2img_CBF
(edit) @2439   7 years vondreele missing unpack_cbf.pyd
(edit) @2438   7 years vondreele new CBF importer with fortran routine to decode image - much, much faster
(edit) @2437   7 years vondreele new fortran routine for reading cbf files
(edit) @2436   7 years vondreele implement decimal azimuth ranges (from integer)
(edit) @2435   7 years toby relabel other 'Edit' menus to avoid Mac glitch
(edit) @2434   7 years toby Fix constraint edit bug in wx3.0; relabel constraint menu items to …
(edit) @2433   7 years toby update for sequential export
(edit) @2432   7 years vondreele allow cbf file imports
(edit) @2431   7 years vondreele fix problem with wxPython 3.x with changing text entry focus. Needed a …
(edit) @2430   7 years vondreele force limits from d-min to be within allowed range & less than 168.5 …
(edit) @2429   7 years vondreele force powder histograms limits to conform to dmin choice for Pawley …
(edit) @2428   7 years vondreele allow saving rigid body drawing as jpeg/tiff/bmp
(edit) @2427   7 years vondreele forgot one
(edit) @2426   7 years vondreele apply reverse to seq. results if done in reverse to restore to …
(edit) @2425   7 years vondreele tidy up GetTthAzmDsp? add comments to plotXY & plotXYZ
(edit) @2424   7 years toby windows install fixes
(edit) @2423   7 years vondreele fix bug in charge flip phase plotting
(edit) @2422   7 years vondreele allow saving of plotted XY data from PlotXY as csv file
(edit) @2421   7 years vondreele name sequential results by type of sequence (peak fit, SASD, etc.) so …
(edit) @2420   7 years vondreele add "All scales value" to SumDialog?
(edit) @2419   7 years vondreele Add use of PWDR limits for PDF calculations improve duplicate peak …
(edit) @2418   7 years vondreele another fix to GE importer
(edit) @2417   7 years vondreele fix PDF graphic errors
(edit) @2416   7 years vondreele fix issues with summing images & powder patterns - SumDialog? is now a …
(edit) @2415   7 years vondreele fix Cancel bugs in image integrate all
(edit) @2414   7 years toby support for Rigaku .txt file
(edit) @2413   7 years vondreele fix bug in ge image importer
(edit) @2412   7 years vondreele fixes to PDF stuff
(edit) @2411   7 years vondreele fix image plot rescaling problem add ring graininess determination - …
(edit) @2410   7 years toby update for new mac build
(edit) @2409   7 years vondreele fix GE image importer
(edit) @2408   7 years toby error message for Bruker v. 4 Raw file import
(edit) @2407   7 years toby downdate error
(edit) @2406   7 years vondreele change spin flip from red/black to -1/1
(edit) @2405   7 years vondreele fix missing 'Modulated' key problem
(edit) @2404   7 years toby Fix problem saving windows paths
(edit) @2403   7 years toby fix William's bug
(edit) @2402   7 years vondreele a patch for use of old fortran binaries
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