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(edit) @1741   7 years vondreele SA image processing revised
(edit) @1740   7 years vondreele revise SAfit
(edit) @1739   7 years vondreele update small angle size tutorial
(edit) @1738   7 years vondreele revise CW combined refinement exercise
(edit) @1737   7 years vondreele remove exp files
(edit) @1736   7 years vondreele revised CW Neutron exercise
(edit) @1735   7 years vondreele revise LabData? exercise
(edit) @1734   7 years vondreele update of 2D strain tutorial
(edit) @1733   7 years vondreele update 2D integration
(edit) @1732   7 years vondreele update 2D calibration
(edit) @1731   7 years vondreele fixes to DData plotting for mustrain/size
(edit) @1730   7 years vondreele update sucrose charge flipping
(edit) @1729   7 years toby switch default download dir; remove old tutorial help item; pretty-up …
(edit) @1728   7 years vondreele revise jadarite charge flipping tutorial
(edit) @1727   7 years vondreele fix errors in DDataGUI
(edit) @1726   7 years vondreele
(edit) @1725   7 years vondreele revised Fitpeaks tutorial
(edit) @1724   7 years vondreele delete LaB6.gpx
(edit) @1723   7 years vondreele add sucrose & kryptonite data sets to FitPeaks?
(edit) @1722   7 years toby Show download paths, as suggested by Bob
(edit) @1721   7 years vondreele
(edit) @1720   7 years toby update fit peak example & missing files
(edit) @1719   7 years toby implement default starting and import directories
(edit) @1718   7 years vondreele updating images in tutorials
(edit) @1717   7 years vondreele update the sucrose images
(edit) @1716   7 years vondreele missing images
(edit) @1715   7 years vondreele make plot styles global instead of individual; now qplot, dplot work …
(edit) @1714   7 years toby fix a few missing files
(edit) @1713   7 years vondreele fix problems with imports of old TOF data; bank nos. now are as given …
(edit) @1712   7 years vondreele 2 missing image files
(edit) @1711   7 years vondreele add 4 missing image calibration files
(edit) @1710   7 years vondreele
(edit) @1709   7 years toby change sphinx docs links; rebuild & fixing minor formatting
(edit) @1708   7 years toby move the sphinx doc files
(edit) @1707   7 years toby prepare to move sphinx files
(edit) @1706   7 years toby finish with new Tutorial/Exercise? locs/links
(edit) @1705   7 years toby load the tutorial web pages
(edit) @1704   7 years toby load the tutorial files
(edit) @1703   7 years toby load the empty tutorial locations
(edit) @1702   7 years vondreele revised to show new Data tab structure & fix a few typos.
(edit) @1701   7 years toby more tutorial fixes
(edit) @1700   7 years vondreele Tweak DData GUI a bit
(edit) @1699   7 years vondreele rework the DData window - now shows only one histogram at a time. …
(edit) @1698   7 years toby Allow powder data importers to set Controls values (such as FreePrm?
(edit) @1697   7 years toby prepare new windows kit with svn 1.7.19
(edit) @1696   7 years toby more work on seq. ref. with differing variables; rework svn interface; …
(edit) @1695   7 years vondreele 4/m ss site symmetries seem now all ok
(edit) @1694   7 years vondreele some missing stuff in PWDR[0] dictionary add new fxn to G2img - …
(edit) @1693   7 years toby set tutorial flag
(edit) @1692   7 years vondreele further work on SS special position parameter restrictions - …
(edit) @1691   7 years toby Change CallAfter? to CallLater? to avoid crashes on Mac
(edit) @1690   7 years vondreele
(edit) @1689   7 years vondreele CW-TOF combined XN Rietveld refinement in GSAS.htm
(edit) @1688   7 years toby allow non-identical sequential refinement when copynext is not used …
(edit) @1687   7 years toby set more html svn properties
(edit) @1686   7 years toby cleanup after for testing
(edit) @1685   7 years toby for testing if switch updates
(edit) @1684   7 years toby fix mimetype on a new tutorial
(edit) @1683   7 years vondreele further fixes to FindMolecule? - remove SymOp? stuff; not needed & …
(edit) @1682   7 years vondreele do sums of Bragg intensity, and background terms put results into .lst file
(edit) @1681   7 years vondreele finish tutorial
(edit) @1680   7 years toby "update MT to match help"
(edit) @1679   7 years toby needs to look like target
(edit) @1678   7 years toby oops need subdirs
(edit) @1677   7 years toby create empty directories for tutorial download
(edit) @1676   7 years toby Ignore equivalences that are not in use; start on svn switch …
(edit) @1675   7 years vondreele fix but in export powder fxye file. Bad format for profile coeffs.
(edit) @1674   7 years vondreele bad response for extended structures & assemble molecule - now fixed
(edit) @1673   7 years vondreele add a Copy plot controls to the PWDR/SASD data window. It copies the …
(edit) @1672   7 years vondreele remove Offset, qPlot, etc from G2frame and put them in data[0] dict …
(edit) @1671   7 years vondreele add SignedInteger? to the edf image format choices
(edit) @1670   7 years vondreele new neutron TOF charge flipping tutorial finished
(edit) @1669   7 years vondreele trap IndexErrors? in GetTypeName? & sortArray add FindMolecule? to G2math …
(edit) @1668   7 years vondreele Attempt at a molecule builder in Atoms - seems to work in some cases
(edit) @1667   7 years vondreele fix bug in load mask ignore thresholds inner/outer image limits now in …
(edit) @1666   7 years vondreele change strain tensor elements in seq. fit to have ';' instead of ':'
(edit) @1665   7 years vondreele fix image calibrate so dist can be fixed & wave unknown
(edit) @1664   7 years vondreele fix rhombohedral lattice constraints
(edit) @1663   7 years vondreele change default single crystal extinction coeff to 1e-7 from 1e-10 fix …
(edit) @1662   7 years vondreele change weighting in diffractometer constant calibration to include d*2 …
(edit) @1661   7 years vondreele modified calibration tutorial
(edit) @1660   7 years vondreele fix crash in viewing PWDR data Limits add new item to PWDR data …
(edit) @1659   7 years vondreele get fourier density min/max & keep them enter fourier min/max into cif file
(edit) @1658   7 years vondreele correct bugs in single crystal cif output - now good for TOF data …
(edit) @1657   7 years toby migrate help from G2grid; set instparms in Powder imports; seach for …
(edit) @1656   8 years vondreele show succession of 3D HKL plots when switching histograms with arrow keys
(edit) @1655   8 years vondreele add a Show/Hide? command in the phase/data menu add importer for ISIS …
(edit) @1654   8 years vondreele update image calibration tutorial
(edit) @1653   8 years vondreele allow all image controls to be varied in calibration and recalibration …
(edit) @1652   8 years vondreele add .gsa to default GSAS powder file extensions floors (0.0001) for …
(edit) @1651   8 years vondreele
(edit) @1650   8 years vondreele
(edit) @1649   8 years vondreele add all TOF tutorial directories & data into new structure
(edit) @1648   8 years vondreele add 1st tutorial directory
(edit) @1647   8 years vondreele add 1st tutorial exercise data
(edit) @1646   8 years vondreele allow search for negative density peaks in charge flip and Fourier …
(edit) @1645   8 years vondreele define a mapDataType? for the data type used to make the …
(edit) @1644   8 years vondreele setting up image calibration to allow more control over refined parameters
(edit) @1643   8 years vondreele fix input of TOF hkl data fix bond angle calculations fix 2D & 3D hkl …
(edit) @1642   8 years toby start migration
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