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     30GSAS-II requires a standard Python interpreter to be installed, as
     31well as several separately-developed packages. GSAS-II is being
     32developed using both Python 2.7 and Python 3.6, but some sections of
     33the code have not been exercised in Python 3 so bugs are to be
     34expected (please report them). Our
     35goal is to keep the code compliant with both Python 2.7 and 3.x for
     36the immediate future.
    3038Note that GSAS-II requires the Python extension packages
    3240* wxPython (,
    33   * note that GSAS-II has been tested with wxPython 2.x and 3.0.x; It it expected to have problems with wxPython 4.x at present.
     41  * note that GSAS-II has been tested with wxPython >=2.8, 3.0.x and 4.0.x
    3442* NumPy (,
    3543* SciPy (,
    3644* matplotlib (  and
    3745* PyOpenGL (
     46  * Note: a copy of this is distributed with GSAS-II at present and will be
     47    installed if the Python setuptools package is present.
    3949Two packages are used by some parts of the code, but are not
    4858  warning message appears on GSAS-II startup.
     60* When using Anaconda we also encourage installation of the subversion
     61  (svn) package. This is a separate package from Python and is used by
     62  GSAS-II to download updates to our code. It can also be installed
     63  separately.
    5065Note that the packages listed above are not distributed as part of the Python standard
    51 library and must be obtained separately (or in a bundled Python
    52 package such as's Anaconda or Enthought Inc.'s Canopy;
    53 we also do some testing using the older Enthought Python
    54 Distribution). 
    55 One exception is the PyOpenGL package. This will be installed into
    56 Python by GSAS-II if not found, so it does not need to be included in
    57 the Python bundle, but the setuptools package
    58 ( is needed by GSAS-II to install
    59 PyOpenGL.
     66library. We use the free Anaconda Python (
     67distribution (and provide installers based on that), but there are
     68many other fine distributions, such as Enthought Inc.'s Canopy and
     69Python(x,y), see here:
     70We do some testing using the older Enthought Python Distribution
     71(EPD); this is known to have some problems with reading CIFs and
     72encourage updating.
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