Oct 23, 2017 11:39:16 AM (5 years ago)

make GSAS-II python 3.6 compliant & preserve python 2.7 use;changes:
do from future import division, print_function for all GSAS-II py sources
all menu items revised to be py 2.7/3.6 compliant
all wx.OPEN --> wx.FD_OPEN in file dialogs
all integer divides (typically for image pixel math) made explicit with ; ambiguous ones made floats as appropriate
all print "stuff" --> print (stuff)
all print >> pFile,'stuff' --> pFile.writeCIFtemplate('stuff')
all read file opens made explicit 'r' or 'rb'
all cPickle imports made for py2.7 or 3.6 as cPickle or _pickle; test for '2' platform.version_tuple[0] for py 2.7
define cPickleload to select load(fp) or load(fp,encoding='latin-1') for loading gpx files; provides cross compatibility between py 2.7/3.6 gpx files
make dict.keys() as explicit list(dict.keys()) as needed (NB: possible source of remaining py3.6 bugs)
make zip(a,b) as explicit list(zip(a,b)) as needed (NB: possible source of remaining py3.6 bugs)
select unichr/chr according test for '2' platform.version_tuple[0] for py 2.7 (G2pwdGUI * G2plot) for special characters
select wg.EVT_GRID_CELL_CHANGE (classic) or wg.EVT_GRID_CELL_CHANGED (phoenix) in grid Bind
maxint --> maxsize; used in random number stuff
raise Exception,"stuff" --> raise Exception("stuff")
wx 'classic' sizer.DeleteWindows?() or 'phoenix' sizer.Clear(True)
wx 'classic' SetToolTipString?(text) or 'phoenix' SetToolTip?(wx.ToolTip?(text)); define SetToolTipString?(self,text) to handle the choice in plots
status.SetFields? --> status.SetStatusText?
'classic' AddSimpleTool? or 'phoenix' self.AddTool? for plot toolbar; Bind different as well
define GetItemPydata? as it doesn't exist in wx 'phoenix'
allow python versions 2.7 & 3.6 to run GSAS-II
Bind override commented out - no logging capability (NB: remove all logging code?)
all import ContentsValidator? open filename & test if valid then close; filepointer removed from Reader
binary importers (mostly images) test for 'byte' type & convert as needed to satisfy py 3.6 str/byte rules

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  • trunk/imports/G2pwd_Panalytical.py

    r3053 r3136  
    88########### SVN repository information ###################
     10from __future__ import division, print_function
    1011import os.path as ospath
    1112import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
    3334    # Validate the contents -- make sure we only have valid lines and set
    3435    # values we will need for later read.
    35     def ContentsValidator(self, filepointer):
     36    def ContentsValidator(self, filename):
     37        fp = open(filename,'r')
    3638        self.vals = None
    3739        self.stepsize = None
    38         filepointer.seek(0)
     40        fp.seek(0)
    3941        try:
    40             self.root = ET.parse(filepointer).getroot()
     42            self.root = ET.parse(fp).getroot()
    4143            tag = self.root.tag
    4244            tag = tag.split('}')[0]+'}'
    4345            self.root.find(tag+'comment')
    4546        except:
    4647            self.errors = 'Bad xml file'
     48            fp.close()
    4749            return False
     50        fp.close()
    4851        return True
    50     def Reader(self,filename,filepointer, ParentFrame=None, **kwarg):
     53    def Reader(self,filename, ParentFrame=None, **kwarg):
    5154        'Read a Panalytical .xrdml (.xml) file; already in self.root'
    5255        blockNum = kwarg.get('blocknum',0)
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