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This is where to find help on various GSAS-II windows and plots. Note that GSAS-II operates with four windows: the main GSAS-II data tree window, which provides a hierarchical view of the current project; the GSAS-II data editing window, which shows the contents of a particular section of the project, where values can be examined and changed; the GSAS-II Plots window, which shows graphical representations of the results; and the console which has printout information that can be selected, cut & pasted into a document.

Programmers documentation:

The routines and classes used within GSAS-II are documented in a set of web pages and in a PDF document. This documentation is created from the Python source code files using Sphinx.


GSAS-II tutorials:

The best way to learn about GSAS-II is to work through tutorials, which shows how to use different sections of the program. A list appears below. These tutorials can be viewed as web pages using the links below, but to actually perform the tutorial exercises, the sample data needs to be downloaded, which can be done most easily using the Help/Download tutorial menu entry. When this menu entry is used from inside GSAS-II (unless browse on web -- data not loaded is selected), data files (and optionally the web pages for off-line use) are downloaded.

Getting started

Rietveld fitting

Structure solution

Calibration/Image Processing


Small-Angle scattering