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2<h2>List of GSAS-II tutorials</H2><UL>
4    <p> A list of available tutorials appears below. Each tutorial is a
5    web page that can be opened using the link below, but most tutorials also need
6    to have example data files downloaded. This can also be done with links included below,
7    but it can be easier to access tutorials using
8    <b>Help/Tutorials</b> menu item.
9    When this menu entry is used from inside GSAS-II (unless "browse tutorial on web" is selected),
10    the data files are downloaded to a local directory and GSAS-II will start from that directory
11    for most file open commands.
12    </p>
13</UL><h4>Getting started</H4><UL>
14<LI><A href=" GSAS.htm">Starting GSAS-II</A>
15 [No exercise files].
16</UL><h4>Rietveld fitting</H4><UL>
17<LI><A href=" X.htm">Fitting laboratory X-ray powder data for fluoroapatite</A>
18 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
19<LI><A href=" CW Powder Data.htm">CW Neutron Powder fit for Yttrium-Iron Garnet</A>
20 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
21<LI><A href=" refinement.htm">Combined X-ray/CW-neutron refinement of PbSO4</A>
22 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
23<LI><A href=" Joint Refinement/TOF combined XN Rietveld refinement in GSAS.htm">Combined X-ray/TOF-neutron Rietveld refinement</A>
24 [link: <A href=" Joint Refinement/data">Exercise files</A>].
25<LI><A href="">Fitting the Starting Background using Fixed Points</A>
26 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
27<LI><A href="">Simulating Powder Diffraction with GSAS-II</A>
28 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
29<LI><A href="">Determining Starting Profile Parameters from a Standard</A>
30 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
31</UL><h4>Parametric Rietveld fitting</H4><UL>
32<LI><A href="">Sequential refinement of multiple datasets</A>
33 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
34<UL><LI><A href="">Parametric Fitting and Pseudo Variables for Sequential Fits</A> <A href="#prereq">*</A>
35 [No exercise files].
37</UL><h4>Structure solution</H4><UL>
38<LI><A href=" Peaks.htm">Fitting individual peaks & autoindexing</A>
39 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
40<UL><LI><A href=" Flipping in GSAS.htm">Charge Flipping structure solution for jadarite</A> <A href="#prereq">*</A>
41 [No exercise files].
43<UL><LI><A href=" Flipping - sucrose.htm">Charge Flipping structure solution for sucrose</A> <A href="#prereq">*</A>
44 [No exercise files].
46<LI><A href="">Charge Flipping structure solution with Xray single crystal data</A>
47 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
48<LI><A href=" Charge Flipping/Charge Flipping with TOF single crystal data in GSASII.htm">Charge flipping with neutron TOF single crystal data</A>
49 [link: <A href=" Charge Flipping/data">Exercise files</A>].
50<LI><A href=" in GSAS.htm">Monte-Carlo simulated annealing structure determination</A>
51 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
52</UL><h4>Stacking Fault Modeling</H4><UL>
53<LI><A href=" Faults-I.htm">Stacking fault simulations for diamond</A>
54 [No exercise files].
55<LI><A href=" Faults II.htm">Stacking fault simulations for Keokuk kaolinite</A>
56 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
57<LI><A href=" Faults-III.htm">Stacking fault simulations for Georgia kaolinite</A>
58 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
59</UL><h4>Image Calibration/Integration</H4><UL>
60<LI><A href=" of an area detector in GSAS.htm">Calibration of an area detector</A>
61 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
62<UL><LI><A href=" of area detector data in GSAS.htm">Integration of area detector data</A> <A href="#prereq">*</A>
63 [No exercise files].
65<LI><A href=" Calibration/Calibration of a TOF powder diffractometer.htm">Calibration of a Neutron TOF diffractometer</A>
66 [link: <A href=" Calibration/data">Exercise files</A>].
67</UL><h4>Small-Angle Scattering</H4><UL>
68<LI><A href=" fitting of 2D data in GSAS-II.htm">Strain fitting of 2D data</A>
69 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
70<LI><A href=" analysis of 2D data in GSAS-II.htm">Texture analysis of 2D data</A>
71 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
72<LI><A href=" Angle Size Distribution.htm">Small angle x-ray data size distribution (alumina powder)</A>
73 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
74<UL><LI><A href=" Small Angle Scattering Data.htm">Fitting small angle x-ray data (alumina powder)</A> <A href="#prereq">*</A>
75 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
77<LI><A href=" Angle Image Processing.htm">Image Processing of small angle x-ray data</A>
78 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
79<LI><A href=" Refinement of Small Angle Scattering Data.htm">Sequential refinement with small angle scattering data</A>
80 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
82<LI><A href=" twin refinement in GSAS.htm">Merohedral twin refinements</A>
83 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
84<LI><A href=" Single Crystal Refinement/TOF single crystal refinement in GSAS.htm">Single crystal refinement from TOF data</A>
85 [link: <A href=" Single Crystal Refinement/data">Exercise files</A>].
86<LI><A href="">Scripting a GSAS-II Refinement from Python</A>
87 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
88<UL><LI><A href="">Running a GSAS-II Refinement from the Command Line</A> <A href="#prereq">*</A>
89 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
92<A name=prereq>* Indented tutorials require the previous unindented tutorial as a prerequisite
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