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1<!-- Do not edit this file. It is created by from info in --!>
2<h2>List of GSAS-II tutorials</H2><UL>
4<p> A list of available tutorials appears below. Each tutorial is a
5web page that can be opened using the link below, but most tutorials also need
6to have example data files downloaded. This can also be done with links included below,
7but it can be easier to access tutorials using
8<b>Help/Tutorials</b> menu item.
9When this menu entry is used from inside GSAS-II (unless "browse tutorial on web" is selected),
10the data files are downloaded to a local directory and GSAS-II will start from that directory
11for most file open commands.
13</UL><h4>Getting started</H4><UL>
14<LI><A href=" GSAS.htm">Starting GSAS-II</A>
15 [No exercise files].
16</UL><h4>Rietveld fitting</H4><UL>
17<LI><A href=" X.htm">Fitting laboratory X-ray powder data for fluoroapatite</A>
18 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
19<LI><A href=" CW Powder Data.htm">CW Neutron Powder fit for Yttrium-Iron Garnet</A>
20 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
21<LI><A href=" refinement.htm">Combined X-ray/CW-neutron refinement of PbSO4</A>
22 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
23<LI><A href=" Joint Refinement/TOF combined XN Rietveld refinement in GSAS.htm">Combined X-ray/TOF-neutron Rietveld refinement</A>
24 [link: <A href=" Joint Refinement/data">Exercise files</A>].
25<LI><A href="">Fitting the Starting Background using Fixed Points</A>
26 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
27<LI><A href="">Simulating Powder Diffraction with GSAS-II</A>
28 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
29</UL><h4>Parametric Rietveld fitting</H4><UL>
30<LI><A href="">Sequential refinement of multiple datasets</A>
31 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
32<UL><LI><A href="">Parametric Fitting and Pseudo Variables for Sequential Fits</A> <A href="#prereq">*</A>
33 [No exercise files].
35</UL><h4>Structure solution</H4><UL>
36<LI><A href=" Peaks.htm">Fitting individual peaks & autoindexing</A>
37 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
38<UL><LI><A href=" Flipping in GSAS.htm">Charge Flipping structure solution for jadarite</A> <A href="#prereq">*</A>
39 [No exercise files].
41<UL><LI><A href=" Flipping - sucrose.htm">Charge Flipping structure solution for sucrose</A> <A href="#prereq">*</A>
42 [No exercise files].
44<LI><A href="">Charge Flipping structure solution with Xray single crystal data</A>
45 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
46<LI><A href=" Charge Flipping/Charge Flipping with TOF single crystal data in GSASII.htm">Charge flipping with neutron TOF single crystal data</A>
47 [link: <A href=" Charge Flipping/data">Exercise files</A>].
48<LI><A href=" in GSAS.htm">Monte-Carlo simulated annealing structure determination</A>
49 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
50</UL><h4>Stacking Fault Modeling</H4><UL>
51<LI><A href=" Faults-I.htm">Stacking fault simulations for diamond</A>
52 [No exercise files].
53<LI><A href=" Faults II.htm">Stacking fault simulations for Keokuk kaolinite</A>
54 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
55<LI><A href=" Faults-III.htm">Stacking fault simulations for Georgia kaolinite</A>
56 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
57</UL><h4>Image Calibration/Integration</H4><UL>
58<LI><A href=" of an area detector in GSAS.htm">Calibration of an area detector</A>
59 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
60<UL><LI><A href=" of area detector data in GSAS.htm">Integration of area detector data</A> <A href="#prereq">*</A>
61 [No exercise files].
63<LI><A href=" Calibration/Calibration of a TOF powder diffractometer.htm">Calibration of a Neutron TOF diffractometer</A>
64 [link: <A href=" Calibration/data">Exercise files</A>].
65</UL><h4>Small-Angle Scattering</H4><UL>
66<LI><A href=" fitting of 2D data in GSAS-II.htm">Strain fitting of 2D data</A>
67 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
68<LI><A href=" analysis of 2D data in GSAS-II.htm">Texture analysis of 2D data</A>
69 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
70<LI><A href=" Angle Size Distribution.htm">Small angle x-ray data size distribution (alumina powder)</A>
71 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
72<UL><LI><A href=" Small Angle Scattering Data.htm">Fitting small angle x-ray data (alumina powder)</A> <A href="#prereq">*</A>
73 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
75<LI><A href=" Angle Image Processing.htm">Image Processing of small angle x-ray data</A>
76 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
77<LI><A href=" Refinement of Small Angle Scattering Data.htm">Sequential refinement with small angle scattering data</A>
78 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
80<LI><A href=" twin refinement in GSAS.htm">Merohedral twin refinements</A>
81 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
82<LI><A href=" Single Crystal Refinement/TOF single crystal refinement in GSAS.htm">Single crystal refinement from TOF data</A>
83 [link: <A href=" Single Crystal Refinement/data">Exercise files</A>].
84<LI><A href="">Scripting a GSAS-II Refinement from Python</A>
85 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
86<UL><LI><A href="">Running a GSAS-II Refinement from the Command Line</A> <A href="#prereq">*</A>
87 [link: <A href="">Exercise files</A>].
90<A name=prereq>* Indented tutorials require the previous unindented tutorial as a prerequisite
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