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1Required packages
4GSAS-II requires a standard Python interpreter to be installed, as
5well as several separately-developed packages. GSAS-II is being
6developed using Python 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7. At this point we think that
7most sections of the code have been exercised in Python 2 and 3,
8but  bugs are still expected (please report them). Our
9goal is to keep the code compliant with both Python 2.7 and 3.x for
10the immediate future.
12Note that the packages listed below are not distributed as part of the Python standard
13library. We use the free Anaconda Python (
14distribution (and provide installers based on that), but there are
15many other fine distributions, such as Enthought Inc.'s Canopy and
16Python(x,y), see here:
17We do some testing using the older Enthought Python Distribution
18(EPD); this is known to have some problems with reading CIFs and
19encourage updating from that.
21More details on allowed and prefered package versions can be found in
22the documentation for variable :attr:`GSASIIdataGUI.versionDict`.
24GUI Requirements
27When using the GSAS-II graphical user interface (GUI), the following
28Python extension packages are required:
30* wxPython ( Note that GSAS-II has been tested with wxPython 2.8.x, 3.0.x and 4.0.x. We encourage use of 3.0 with Python 2.7 and 4.x with Python 3.x.
31* NumPy (,
32* SciPy (,
33* matplotlib (  and
34* PyOpenGL ( Note: a copy of this is distributed with GSAS-II (at present) and will be installed if the Python setuptools package is present.
36Several packages are used in sections of the code, but are not
37required. If these packages are not present, warning messages may be
38generated if they would be needed, but the vast bulk of GSAS-II will function normally.
40* Pillow ( or PIL ( This is used to save
41  and read certain types of images.
42* h5py is the HDF5 interface and hdf5 is the support package. These
43  packages are (not surprisingly) required
44  to import images from HDF5 files. If these libraries are not present,
45  the HDF5 importer(s) will not appear in the import menu and a
46  warning message appears on GSAS-II startup.
47* imageio is used to make movies.
48* svn: When using Anaconda we also encourage installation of the
49  svn (subversion) conda package. This is not actually part of Python
50  and can be installed directly into your system's configuration. It is used by
51  GSAS-II to download updates to our code.
54Scripting  Requirements
57When using the GSAS-II scripting interface (:mod:`GSASIIscriptable`),
58only the following Python extension packages are required:
60* NumPy (,
61* SciPy (
63Note that some sections of the code may require matplotlib (, Pillow
64( (or PIL,
65, or h5py + hdf5 to function
66but scripts will load and run without these.
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