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[2027]1.. This lists all the sections of the documentation. Some of the below
2.. reference a single file. Others reference multiple files.
4GSAS-II Developer's Documentation
7.. toctree::
9  GSASII.rst
10  GSASIIobj.rst
11  GSASIIutil.rst
12  GSASIIGUIr.rst
14  GSASIIstruc.rst
15  GSASIImapvars.rst
16  GSASIIimage.rst
17  GSASIImath.rst
18  GSASIIindex.rst
19  GSASIIplot.rst
20  GSASIIpwd.rst
21  SAS.rst
[3187]22  GSASIIscriptable.rst
[2027]23  GSASIIscripts.rst
[3190]24  imports.rst
[2027]25  exports.rst
27*Required packages*
30Note that GSAS-II requires the Python extension packages
32* wxPython (,
[3000]33  * note that GSAS-II has been tested with wxPython 2.x and 3.0.x; It it expected to have problems with wxPython 4.x at present.
[2027]34* NumPy (,
35* SciPy (,
[2087]36* matplotlib (  and
[2027]37* PyOpenGL (
[2832]39Two packages are used by some parts of the code, but are not
40required. If these packages are not present warning messages may be
41generated but the vast bulk of GSAS-II will function normally.
[2087]43* PIL ( or Pillow ( This is used to save
44  and read certain types of images.
45* h5py is the HDF5 support package. This is (not surprisingly) required
46  to import images from HDF5 files. If this library is not present,
47  the HDF5 importer(s) will not appear in the import menu and a
48  warning message appears on GSAS-II startup.
50Note that the packages listed above are not distributed as part of the Python standard
[2027]51library and must be obtained separately (or in a bundled Python
[2832]52package such as's Anaconda or Enthought Inc.'s Canopy;
53we also do some testing using the older Enthought Python
55One exception is the PyOpenGL package. This will be installed into
[2027]56Python by GSAS-II if not found, so it does not need to be included in
57the Python bundle, but the setuptools package
58( is needed by GSAS-II to install
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