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1.. This lists all the sections of the documentation. Some of the below
2.. reference a single file. Others reference multiple files.
4GSAS-II Developer's Documentation
7The documentation here is intended for those wishing to extend the
8capabilities within the GSAS-II framework, for scientists/students
9working to understand how
10GSAS-II works, or for people wishing to develop scripting applications
11using the GSAS-II Python API (module :mod:`GSASIIscriptable`). Note that many
12data structures used in GSAS-II are defined in module :mod:`GSASIIobj`.
14For information on downloading/installing GSAS-II, please see
15the GSAS-II home page:
16 To learn how to
17use GSAS-II, please see the tutorials referenced in the home page.
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23    packages.rst
24    GSASII.rst
25    GSASIIobj.rst
26    GSASIIutil.rst
27    GSASIIGUIr.rst
28    GSASIIGUI.rst
29    GSASIIstruc.rst
30    GSASIImapvars.rst
31    GSASIIimage.rst
32    GSASIImath.rst
33    GSASIIindex.rst
34    GSASIIplot.rst
35    GSASIIpwd.rst
36    SAS.rst
37    GSASIIscriptable.rst
38    GSASIIscripts.rst
39    imports.rst
40    exports.rst
41    G2tools.rst
42    indices.rst
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