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1*GSAS-II GUI Support Modules*
4The modules documented here provide GUI or graphics capabilities that
5are used in multiple sections of the GSAS-II GUI or graphics.
8*GSASIIctrlGUI: Custom GUI controls*
11 .. py:currentmodule:: GSASIIctrlGUI
13A library of GUI controls for reuse throughout GSAS-II, as indexed below
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17================================  =================================================================
18Class or function name             Description
19================================  =================================================================
20:class:`EnumSelector`              A combo box with a built-in call back routine that
21                                   automatically sets a dict or list entry.
22:class:`DisAglDialog`              Distance/Angle Controls input dialog.
23:class:`FlagSetDialog`             Dialog that provides a table of items along with a
24                                   checkbox for each.
25:class:`G2ChoiceButton`            A customized wx.Choice that automatically initializes to
26                                   the initial value and saves the choice directly into a dict
27                                   or list value. Optionally calls function when a
28                                   choice is selected
29:class:`G2CheckBox`                A customized wx.CheckBox that automatically initializes to
30                                   the initial value and saves the choice directly into a dict
31                                   or list value. Optionally calls function when a
32                                   choice is selected
33:func:`G2CheckBoxFrontLbl`         A version of :class:`G2CheckBox` that places the label
34                                   for the check box in front. Otherwise works the same.
35:func:`G2RadioButtons`             Creates a series of grouped radio buttons.
36:class:`G2SliderWidget`            A customized combination of a wx.Slider and a validated
37                                   wx.TextCtrl (see :class:`ValidatedTxtCtrl`).
38:class:`G2Slider`                  A wrapped version of wx.Slider that implements scaling
39:class:`G2SpinWidget`              A customized combination of a wx.SpinButton and a validated
40                                   wx.TextCtrl (see :class:`ValidatedTxtCtrl`).
41:class:`G2ColumnIDDialog`          A dialog for matching column data to desired items; some
42                                   columns may be ignored.
43:class:`G2HistoDataDialog`         A dialog for global edits to histogram data globally
44:class:`G2MultiChoiceDialog`       Dialog similar to wx.MultiChoiceDialog, but provides
45                                   a filter to select choices and buttons to make selection
46                                   of multiple items more simple.
47:class:`G2MultiChoiceWindow`       Similar to :class:`G2MultiChoiceDialog` but provides
48                                   a sizer that can be placed in a frame or panel.
49:class:`G2SingleChoiceDialog`      Dialog similar to wx.SingleChoiceDialog, but provides
50                                   a filter to help search through choices.
51:class:`HelpButton`                Creates a button labeled with a "?" that when pressed
52                                   displays help text in a modal message window
53                                   or web browser.
54:class:`MultiColumnSelection`      A dialog that builds a multicolumn table, word wrapping
55                                   is used for the 2nd, 3rd,... columns.
56:class:`MultiDataDialog`           Dialog to obtain multiple data values from user,
57                                   with optional range validation; items can be float, str or bool
58:class:`MultiIntegerDialog`        Dialog to obtain multiple integer values from user,
59                                   with a description for each value and optional
60                                   defaults.
61:class:`MultiStringDialog`         Dialog to obtain multiple string values from user,
62                                   with a description for each value and optional
63                                   defaults.
64:class:`OrderBox`                  Creates a wx.Panel with scrollbars where items can be
65                                   ordered into columns.
66:class:`SortableLstCtrl`           Creates a wx.Panel for a table of data that 
67                                   can be sorted by clicking on a column label.
68:class:`ScrolledMultiEditor`       wx.Dialog for editing many dict- or list-contained items.
69                                   with validation. Results are placed in dict or list.
70:class:`SGMagSpinBox`              Special version of MessageBox that displays magnetic spin text
71:class:`SGMessageBox`              Special version of MessageBox that displays space group &
72                                   super space group text in two blocks
73:class:`SingleFloatDialog`         Dialog to obtain a single float value from user, with
74                                   optional range validation.
75:class:`SingleIntDialog`           Dialog to obtain a single integer value from user,
76                                   with optional range validation.
77:class:`SingleStringDialog`        Dialog to obtain a single string value from user,
78                                   with optional an optional default value.
79:class:`ValidatedTxtCtrl`          A text control with a built-in call back routine to set dict
80                                   or list elements. Optionally validates input as float, int or
81                                   for strings non-blank. Value is set when focus changes
82:func:`CallScrolledMultiEditor`    Routine for editing many dict- or list-contained items.
83                                   using the :class:`ScrolledMultiEditor` dialog
84:func:`Define_wxId`                Create a unique wx.Id symbol in _initMenus in :mod:`GSASIIdataGUI`.
85                                   Such symbols are needed when the menu item is defined in a
86                                   different location from the wx.Bind that links the menu item
87                                   to a function. This function allows all the menu Ids to be
88                                   defined as the menus are created in one place and then can be
89                                   used in Bind elsewhere in the code.
90:func:`G2MessageBox`               Displays text typically used for errors or warnings.
91:func:`ShowScrolledInfo`           Displays longer text where scrolling is possibly needed
92:func:`G2ScrolledGrid`             Displays a multicolumn table of information with
93                                   possible scroll bars
94:func:`ShowScrolledColText`        Displays tabular text with scrolling where needed
95:func:`GetItemOrder`               Creates a dialog for ordering items into columns
96:func:`GetImportFile`              Gets one ore more file from the appropriate import
97                                   directory, which can be overridden. Arguments follow those
98                                   of :func:`wx.FileDialog`
99:func:`HorizontalLine`             Places a line in a Frame or Dialog to separate sections.
100:func:`ItemSelector`               Select a single item or multiple items from list of choices.
101                                   Creates and then destroys a wx.Dialog and returns the
102                                   selections(s).
103:func:`SelectEdit1Var`             Select a variable from a list, then edit it and select
104                                   histograms to copy it to.
105:func:`askSaveFile`                Get a file name from user
106:func:`askSaveDirectory`           Get a directory name from user
107:func:`BlockSelector`              Select a single block for instrument parameters
108:func:`MultipleBlockSelector`      Select one or more blocks of data, used for
109                                   CIF powder histogram imports only
110:func:`MultipleChoicesSelector`    Dialog for displaying fairly complex choices, used for
111                                   CIF powder histogram imports only
112:func:`PhaseSelector`              Select a phase from a list (used for phase importers)
113:class:`gpxFileSelector`           File browser dialog for opening existing .gpx files
114:class:`ScrolledStaticText`        A wx.StaticText widget that fits a large string into a
115                                   small space by scrolling it
116:func:`ReadOnlyTextCtrl`           A wx.TextCtrl widget to be used wx.StaticText
117                                   (no edits allowed) text appears in a box.
118:func:`setColorButton`             A button for color selection as a replacement
119                                   for wx.ColourSelect
120================================  =================================================================
122Other miscellaneous non-GUI routines that may be of use for GUI-related actions:
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126================================  =================================================================
127Function name                      Description
128================================  =================================================================
129:func:`StripIndents`               Regularizes the intentation from a string with multiple
130                                   newline characters by removing spaces at the beginning
131                                   of each line.
132:func:`StripUnicode`               Removes unicode characters from strings
133:func:`GetImportPath`              Determines the default location to use for importing files.
134                                   Tries sequentially :attr:`G2frame.TutorialImportDir`,
135                                   config var ``Import_directory`` and
136                                   :attr:`G2frame.LastImportDir`.
137:func:`GetExportPath`              Determines the default location to use for writing files.
138                                   Tries sequentially :attr:`G2frame.LastExportDir` and
139                                   :attr:`G2frame.LastGPXdir`
140================================  =================================================================
143GSASIIctrlGUI Classes & Routines
146.. automodule:: GSASIIctrlGUI
147    :members: 
150*GSASIIIO: Misc I/O routines*
153Module with miscellaneous routines for input and output. Many
154are GUI routines to interact with user.
156Includes support for image reading.
158Also includes base class for data export routines (TODO: should move)
160GSASIIIO Classes & Routines
163.. automodule:: GSASIIIO
164    :members: 
167*gltext: draw OpenGL text*
170.. automodule:: gltext
171    :members: 
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