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multiple small changes to allow docs build under 3.x

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[4213]1# Minimal makefile for Sphinx documentation
[4213]4# You can set these variables from the command line, and also
5# from the environment for the first two.
7SPHINXBUILD   ?= sphinx-build
8SOURCEDIR     = source
[2027]9BUILDDIR      = build
[4213]11# Put it first so that "make" without argument is like "make help".
[4213]13        @$(SPHINXBUILD) -M help "$(SOURCEDIR)" "$(BUILDDIR)" $(SPHINXOPTS) $(O)
[4213]15.PHONY: help Makefile
[4213]17# Catch-all target: route all unknown targets to Sphinx using the new
18# "make mode" option.  $(O) is meant as a shortcut for $(SPHINXOPTS).
19%: Makefile
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