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threshold masks operational
add index peak list load/reload menu & remove delete key method
plotting of threshold masks
remove "U" in image open command; implement reading of MAR CCD tif images

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1#GSASII powder calibrants file; dictionary of substances commonly used for powder
2#calibrations. Each entry consists of:
3# 'name':(Bravais no,(a,b,c,alpha,beta,gamma),no. lines skipped)
4#Useful Bravais nos.: F-cubic=0,I-cubic=1,P-cubic=2,R3/m(hex)=3, P6=4
7'LaB6  SRM660a':(2,(4.1569162,4.1569162,4.1569162,90,90,90),0),
8'LaB6  SRM660a skip 1':(2,(4.1569162,4.1569162,4.1569162,90,90,90),1),
9'LaB6  SRM660': (2,(4.15695,4.15695,4.15695,90,90,90),0),
10'Si    SRM640c':(0,(5.4311946,5.4311946,5.4311946,90,90,90),0),
11'CeO2  SRM674b':(0,(5.411651,5.411651,5.411651,90,90,90),0),
12'Al2O3 SRM676a':(3,(4.759091,4.759091,12.991779,90,90,120),0),
13'Ni   @ 298K':(0,(3.52475,3.52475,3.52475,90,90,90),0),
14'NaCl @ 298K':(0,(5.6402,5.6402,5.6402,90,90,90),0)}
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