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Last change on this file since 4671 was 4671, checked in by vondreele, 3 years ago

add refinable multiplier for a fixed background; multiplier is now normally > 0
usable for peak fitting and Rietved refinement
add the fixed background entry to all background defaults
fix bug in GetDetectorXY fo when cursor outside image - returns [0,0] not None; changes elsewhere to use this
GetTthAzmDsp? now returns explicit list not assumed tuple
put the abs in the nl.qr test for singularities in HessianLSQ
Add 'BF mult' to name list in G2obj
put a try - except TypeError? around setting plot style stuff in PlotPatterns?
Remove the setting of Pattern[0]BackFile? - this was redundant for PWDR
remove picker/pickradius from linescan plot - failed
remove the alternate fixed background definition ('_fixedVary', etc.)
clear the PhaseReaderClass?Drawing? dictionary upon import of phase from a gpx file

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