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Last change on this file since 5065 was 5065, checked in by vondreele, 8 months ago

remove check on Histograms & Phases in beginning of UpdateConstraints? - had prevented viewing constraints when no phases
Always enable SHOWISO - same reason
remove check on length of varyList in LoadParmDict? - prevented export of cif when there was no refinement
checks on failed ISODISTORT runs - now shows resulting html page with error message
fixes to RMCProfile GUI startup
fix distortion mode plotting - now moves bonds & polyhedra
cif importer looks for space group number if symbol not interpretable - i.e. full HM symbol
remove a check on k==0 in line 993 of cif importer; k is always zero in ISODISTORT cifs when there in no preset mode distortion value
fix name bug in line 1008 & remove breakpoint in cif importer
ISODISTORT makes html page & displays it in case of ISODISTORT error

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