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1@echo ========================================================================
2@echo                General Structure Analysis System-II
3@echo              by Robert B. Von Dreele and Brian H. Toby
4@echo                Argonne National Laboratory(C), 2010
5@echo  This product includes software developed by the UChicago Argonne, LLC,
6@echo             as Operator of Argonne National Laboratory.
7@echo                            Please cite:
8@echo      B.H. Toby and R.B. Von Dreele, J. Appl. Cryst. 46, 544-549 (2013)
9@echo ========================================================================
11@REM Get this script's directory; make sure that the path ends
12@REM    with a single backslash
13@set gsasloc=%~dp0\*
14@set gsasloc=%gsasloc:\\*=\*%
15@set gsasloc=%gsasloc:\*=\%
17python %gsasloc%\ %1
18@REM To keep the window from disappearing with any error messages
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