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2echo "Finish up GSAS-II installation"
3# create bootstrap script
4echo "# Commands to run GSAS-II load/update process" > $PREFIX/
5echo "source $PREFIX/bin/activate" >> $PREFIX/
6echo "$PREFIX/bin/python $PREFIX/GSASII/" >> $PREFIX/
8# "install" the GSAS-II package (create shortcuts, byte-compile...)
10#$PREFIX/bin/python $PREFIX/GSASII/ --nonet > /tmp/bootstrap1.log 2>> $PREFIX/GSASII/conda_inst.log 2>&1
11# Now try to update to latest GSAS-II version (will fail if no network)
12#$PREFIX/bin/python $PREFIX/GSASII/ --noinstall > /tmp/bootstrap2.log 2>> $PREFIX/GSASII/conda_inst.log 2>&1
13# create start script
14echo "# Commands to start GSAS-II" > $PREFIX/
15echo "source $PREFIX/bin/activate" >> $PREFIX/
16if [ -e $PREFIX/bin/pythonw ]
18   echo "$PREFIX/bin/pythonw $PREFIX/GSASII/" >> $PREFIX/
20   echo "$PREFIX/bin/python $PREFIX/GSASII/" >> $PREFIX/
[4721]22# in case constructor changed the binary files
[4736]23$PREFIX/bin/svn revert $PREFIX/GSASII/bindist/*
24#create the GSAS-II app or Desktop icon (note that scripts run only on correct platform)
25$PREFIX/bin/python $PREFIX/GSASII/
26$PREFIX/bin/python $PREFIX/GSASII/
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