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install: add postinstall for g2full & cleanup

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1echo "Finish up GSAS-II installation"
2set "python=%PREFIX%\python.exe"
3set "updatescript=%PREFIX%\GSASII\"
4REM create bootstrap batch file
5echo REM Commands to run GSAS-II load/update process > "%PREFIX%\start_G2_bootstrap.bat"
6echo call %PREFIX%\Scripts\activate >> "%PREFIX%\start_G2_bootstrap.bat"
7echo python %PREFIX%\GSASII\ >> "%PREFIX%\start_G2_bootstrap.bat"
8REM "install" the GSAS-II package (create shortcuts, byte-compile...)
9REM call "%PREFIX%\Scripts\Activate"
10REM "%python%" "%updatescript%" --nonet > "%PREFIX%\GSASII\InstallLog.txt"
11REM Now try to update to latest GSAS-II version (will fail if no network)
12REM "%python%" "%updatescript%" --noinstall > "%PREFIX%\GSASII\UpdateLog.txt"
13REM# create start GSAS-II batch file
14echo REM Commands to run GSAS-II load/update process > "%PREFIX%\start_GSASII.bat"
15echo call %PREFIX%\Scripts\activate >> "%PREFIX%\start_GSASII.bat"
16echo python %PREFIX%\GSASII\ >> "%PREFIX%\start_GSASII.bat"
17set errorlevel=0
18exit 0
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