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1@REM example script that uses cmd.exe to run a GSAS-II script
2set datadir=C:\Users\toby.WIN10-VM\temp\
3set gsaspath=c:\GSASII\
4set python=C:\conda3\python.exe
5%python% create test.gpx
6%python% add test.gpx ^
7    -d %datadir%PBSO4.XRA %datadir%PBSO4.CWN ^
8        -i %datadir%INST_XRY.PRM %datadir%inst_d1a.prm -hf GSAS ^
9    -p %datadir%PbSO4-Wyckoff.cif -pf CIF -l 0 1
10%python% refine test.gpx example.json
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