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SpecDomain documentation now hosted on

BCDA Extensions

This repository contains source for some tools useful at APS beam lines.

project links summary
APSpy docs Support for scripting APS experiments
CssBoyDeploy docs Deploy CSS-BOY at APS beam lines
EpicsDf docs Watch disk space and send email when low
pvMail docs Watch EPICS PV and send email
SoftGlueExamples docs Example circuits and code for the FPGA
SpecDomain docs document SPEC macros using Sphinx
BcdaQWidgets docs EPICS-aware PySide widgets for Python

SpecDomain: software for users to document SPEC macros

list of active tickets

specdomain: create individual topics (pages) for macros when using .. autospecdir::
specdomain: roles should link to directives
specdomain: fix the signature recognition for roles
specdomain: fix the signature handling for roles and directives
specdomain: the out-of-source example PNG shows a Python project, should be a SPEC project
specdomain: add support to document SPEC array declarations
specdomain: layout improvements
specdomain: provide links from each macro to its source code
specdomain: new parser features
specdomain: cdef argument list not handled yet
specdomain: Option to index all symbols in a macro file
specdomain: create a role (or example using a ref) to refer to a macro file from the documentation
specdomain: produce a custom module index with links and summary lines
specdomain: Add option to create separate developer and user versions of the documentation
specdomain: autospecdir and macro file match pattern
specdomain: absolute path names do not show macro source file
specdomain: disable parsing of macro or variable definitions inside extended comments
specdomain: create more meaningful error message when sphinx discovers an invalid char
specdomain: change packaging to setuptools
specdomain: out-of-source build warnings
specdomain: stale URL in documentation
specdomain: re-arrange source code
specdomain: document a complete example using sector 33's macros
specdomain: warnings and errors when building with v1.03

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