Mar 11, 2014:

4:05 PM Changeset [1518] by jemian
1:46 PM Changeset [1517] by jemian
cite PyPI properly
1:06 AM Changeset [1516] by jemian
tag v1.04.01
1:05 AM Changeset [1515] by jemian
cleanup, apply consistency, correct documentation problems
12:50 AM SpecDomain edited by jemian
home now on readthe docs (diff)
12:37 AM WikiStart edited by jemian
SpecDomain documentation now hosted on readthedocs.org (diff)
12:15 AM Changeset [1514] by jemian
tag v1.04
12:08 AM Changeset [1513] by jemian
refs #63, #66: fixes download role of macro source code, now available …

Mar 10, 2014:

9:50 PM Ticket #63 (specdomain: autospecmacro) closed by jemian
duplicate: this is an aspect or component of #66, merging the tickets
7:21 PM Ticket #66 (specdomain: warnings and errors when building with v1.03) created by jemian
fix these warnings and errors when building the APS SPEC Macros with …

Mar 9, 2014:

10:24 PM Ticket #65 (specdomain: document a complete example using sector 33's macros) created by jemian
document a complete example using the macros from sector 33: …
10:15 PM Ticket #64 (specdomain: re-arrange source code) created by jemian
arrange the source code more like other python projects, perhaps …
10:12 PM Ticket #63 (specdomain: autospecmacro) created by jemian
when using autospecmacro with out-of-source build, code reports that …
10:10 PM Ticket #62 (specdomain: stale URL in documentation) created by jemian
the docs refer to the XOR domain at APS, change this to XRAY
10:09 PM Ticket #61 (specdomain: out-of-source build warnings) created by jemian
when using autospecdir with out-of-source build, this is a common …
3:24 PM Changeset [1512] by jemian
prepare to contribute v1.03 to PyPI, now can install using pip or …
3:22 PM Ticket #60 (specdomain: change packaging to setuptools) created by jemian
follow recommendations from PyPA

Mar 4, 2014:

10:27 AM Changeset [1511] by kpetersn
Use fcntl.flock instead of fuser to determine if a workspace is locked …

Feb 24, 2014:

9:00 PM Ticket #59 (XOP: install XOP for use on /APSshare/bin/xop) closed by jemian
fixed: Pete wrote: Thomas: With significant help from Roger Dejus, I …
11:52 AM Changeset [1510] by jemian

Feb 19, 2014:

11:37 AM Changeset [1509] by jemian
11:04 AM Changeset [1508] by jemian
respond to changes in alive record server

Feb 18, 2014:

12:09 PM Changeset [1507] by jemian
trim up the API a bit
11:54 AM Changeset [1506] by jemian
add support for new alive record service of Dohn Arms

Feb 17, 2014:

5:48 PM Ticket #58 (EPD: install boost) closed by jemian
fixed: installed, should update tomorrow morning bash […] tcsh […] …

Feb 12, 2014:

10:59 AM Ticket #59 (XOP: install XOP for use on /APSshare/bin/xop) created by jemian
provide a linux-compatible version of XOP for use by APS beam lines on …

Feb 11, 2014:

10:53 AM Ticket #58 (EPD: install boost) created by jemian
Francesco DeCarlo? requests on 2014-02-06: we developed a python …
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