Oct 5, 2012:

4:52 PM Changeset [1131] by kpetersn
Added startCSS.py

Oct 3, 2012:

3:22 PM Changeset [1130] by cschlep
in specmacrofileparser, changed handler for rdef from handle_other to …
9:33 AM Changeset [1129] by ehanson
Manually fixed some template strip charts in opisys

Oct 1, 2012:

2:35 PM Changeset [1128] by jemian
2:08 PM SpecDomain edited by jemian
1:49 PM Changeset [1127] by jemian
release v1.03
1:36 PM Changeset [1126] by jemian
changes noted
1:33 PM Ticket #37 (specdomain: function rdef with empty arg list classified incorrectly) closed by jemian
fixed: (In [1125]) fixes #37
1:33 PM Changeset [1125] by jemian
fixes #37
1:32 PM Ticket #37 (specdomain: function rdef with empty arg list classified incorrectly) created by jemian
Consider this function ref macro: […] The documentation for it …
1:08 PM Changeset [1124] by jemian
fixes #35 and #36
1:08 PM Tickets #35,​36 batch updated by jemian
fixed: (In [1124]) fixes #35 and #36
1:07 PM Ticket #36 (specdomain: synchronize the LICENSE text with other ANL projects) created by jemian
Some of the text in the LICENSE file looks off (such as lowercase …
1:04 PM Ticket #35 (specdomain: rdef functions are not handled properly) created by jemian
It is possible to have an rdef function, such as this SPEC macro …
10:34 AM Changeset [1123] by ehanson
Updated documentation with opisys info

Sep 28, 2012:

6:26 PM Changeset [1122] by jemian
upper case name again
6:23 PM Changeset [1121] by jemian
use upper case to avoid file name conflicts on Windows
6:20 PM Changeset [1120] by jemian
conflicts with similar name, differing only by upper/lower case
3:58 PM Changeset [1119] by ehanson
cleaned out all remaining *_BAK.opi files
1:49 PM Changeset [1118] by jemian
no MEDM backup files
1:49 PM Changeset [1117] by jemian

Sep 25, 2012:

6:20 PM Changeset [1116] by jemian
initial commit after conversion from .adl to .opi
1:59 PM Changeset [1115] by jemian
this is where the OPI files converted from /APSshare/adlsys will be placed

Sep 18, 2012:

2:05 PM Ticket #34 (specdomain: disable parsing of macro or variable definitions inside ...) created by cschlep
The specdomain parser will sometimes mistakenly pick up declarations …

Sep 17, 2012:

6:05 PM Changeset [1114] by cschlep
Added nested macro definition test cases
3:42 PM Changeset [1113] by cschlep
fixed small typo in style_guide.rst
9:46 AM Changeset [1112] by cschlep
added more rdef test cases to test-battery.mac

Sep 13, 2012:

2:27 PM Ticket #33 (specdomain: standard date format) closed by cschlep
fixed: The style guide has been changed to use the YYYY-MM-DD date format.

Sep 12, 2012:

1:18 PM Changeset [1111] by cschlep
Changed default date format to YYYY-MM-DD
1:18 PM Changeset [1110] by jemian

Sep 10, 2012:

9:56 AM Ticket #33 (specdomain: standard date format) created by cschlep
In the specdomain style guide, we currently use the following date …
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