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specdomain: disable parsing of macro or variable definitions inside extended comments

Reported by: cschlep Owned by: jemian
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Keywords: specdomain Cc: cschlep


The specdomain parser will sometimes mistakenly pick up declarations that are part of extended docstrings rather than actual code objects. For example, the following paragraph is part of the macro file docstring:

This is a collection of SPEC macros to automatically save a selection of SPEC
global variables (as defined in the :spec:def:`save` command) to a dated backup
file. Optionally, also the current SPEC state can be saved at the same time

Since the second line starts with the keyword "global", all the following words are parsed as global variable names up to the end of the line. The same problem could occur if the first word in a line was equal to any of the known keywords that the parser processes.

One solution to the problem could be to disable the detection of code objects inside comment strings (extended comments and normal SPEC comments).

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