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#66 specdomain: warnings and errors when building with v1.03 new jemian defect critical APS 2014-2
#7 Log the EPS events from sectors 33 & 34 assigned jemian task major
#45 moxy: make complete application assigned jemian task major
#56 2-ID-D: mda2idd_report, no data, no error message new jemian defect major
#57 topdoc: refactor to use Sphinx (ReST) for documentation new jemian enhancement major
#61 specdomain: out-of-source build warnings new jemian defect major
#62 specdomain: stale URL in documentation new jemian defect major
#64 specdomain: re-arrange source code new task major
#65 specdomain: document a complete example using sector 33's macros new jkirchman enhancement major
#29 specdomain: autospecdir and macro file match pattern assigned jemian defect minor
#30 specdomain: absolute path names do not show macro source file assigned jemian defect minor
#42 APSpy: waitMotors always requires some special handling new jemian task minor
#60 specdomain: change packaging to setuptools new jemian task minor
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