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(edit) @1250   10 years jemian older file conflicts with Windows checkout, no need to keep it anyway
(edit) @1151   10 years jemian legacy
(edit) @520   12 years jemian show datasets before groups at each level
(edit) @517   12 years jemian dumping grounds for representative tomography and X-ray Fluorescence data
(edit) @516   12 years jemian representative data should be deposited here
(edit) @515   12 years quock Changed spelling of Nxexchange file and class to NXexchange.
(edit) @506   12 years quock Finished coding and testing method 'capture_file_contents'.
(edit) @481   12 years quock
(edit) @480   12 years quock Modified method 'read_default_structure' to check for minimum …
(edit) @437   12 years quock Added feature to allow users to enter NumPy? array data types as …
(edit) @422   12 years quock
(edit) @421   12 years saunders Moved batch script to envsetup directory.
(edit) @420   12 years saunders A set of batch files for setting up env for windows builds. These need …
(edit) @419   12 years saunders Adding dir for environment setup batch files.
(edit) @417   12 years quock initial import
(edit) @391   12 years saunders Further tweaks to get win32 build working. Not quite, but seems now to …
(edit) @390   12 years saunders Tweaked for native win32 DOS VC++ build.
(edit) @389   12 years saunders Added win32-x86.bat file to installed scripts.
(edit) @387   12 years saunders Some early work to build out C++ lib.
(edit) @386   12 years saunders Tweaked README to make it for general use, rather than EPICS specific.
(edit) @385   12 years saunders Replaced content of configure with files straight from epics base.
(edit) @384   12 years saunders Removing configure content. Will replace straight from epics base.
(edit) @383   12 years saunders Replaced content of os dir with that directly from epics/base
(edit) @382   12 years saunders Replacing all with files directly from base. No extensions stuff at all.
(edit) @372   12 years saunders Removing old structure.
(edit) @371   12 years saunders Getting rid of old copy.
(edit) @370   12 years saunders Copying code from generic trunk.
(edit) @369   12 years saunders Building out std layout.
(edit) @368   12 years saunders Building up generic into better named directory.
(edit) @366   12 years saunders Initial shell for cpp nxexchange lib.
(edit) @365   12 years saunders Saving away the code from Francesco's work with HDF5 and data exchange …
(edit) @364   12 years saunders Filled out build system equivalent to epics/base and epics/extensions …
(edit) @363   12 years saunders Adding in epics extensions-like build system template.
(edit) @360   12 years saunders Adding in general dir structure for cpp nxexchange code.
(edit) @346   12 years jemian for c++ development here
(edit) @345   12 years jemian requested by Debby
(edit) @324   12 years saunders Branching 1.0.0 in case we need to fix bugs.
(edit) @323   12 years saunders Tagging release 1.0.0
(edit) @322   12 years saunders Changed library to use MESSAGE based exceptions only - no return …
(edit) @321   12 years saunders Added validation of dimension dataset axis and dimension against …
(edit) @303   12 years saunders Changed string temps and time arrays to float. Whoops.
(edit) @297   12 years saunders Whoops. updated version in comments to 0.9.0
(edit) @296   12 years saunders Changed attribute dataspace from 1-D to scalar.
(edit) @295   12 years saunders Changed attribute dataspace from 1-D to scalar. Whoops.
(edit) @294   12 years saunders Added version to source file.
(edit) @293   12 years saunders Tagging new minor release with bugfix for secondary dataset dtid/dspid bug.
(edit) @292   12 years saunders Fixed bug with secondary write_dataset dtid/dspid problem. Fix on …
(edit) @291   12 years saunders Creating branch for bug fix.
(edit) @290   12 years saunders Fixed bug in write_dataset where write of secondary dataset used …
(edit) @289   12 years saunders Tagging initial release 0.8.0.
(edit) @288   12 years saunders Renamed file to use define suffix. This will allow for automatic …
(edit) @287   12 years saunders Completed read_dim_dataset, and added a test program as an …
(edit) @286   12 years saunders Implemented write_dim_dataset, but without checking against dataset …
(edit) @285   12 years saunders Changed open and write_dataset to true functions. Changed read_dataset …
(edit) @284   12 years saunders More minor tweaking. Still have to support dim_datasets and append mode.
(edit) @283   12 years saunders Added code to handle writing arrays of strings. Need to scan input …
(edit) @282   12 years saunders Got read_dataset and write_dataset working for primary and secondary. …
(edit) @281   12 years saunders Ugh. Introspecting HDF5 with hardlinks is not easy. Can read back …
(edit) @280   12 years saunders Primary and secondary dataset writing working. Per LDRD-3
(edit) @279   12 years saunders Added in ability to enter multiple primary datasets, each getting …
(edit) @278   12 years saunders Nice little hashtable utility class. Can use to track dataset names …
(edit) @277   12 years saunders Work in progress. Added hard link between /entry/data and …
(edit) @276   12 years saunders Initial version - very much still a work in progress. Per Jira issue LDRD-3
(edit) @275   12 years saunders Adding standard svn structure.
(edit) @274   12 years jemian describes how the draft spec was implemented in NXexchange
(edit) @244   12 years jemian changed version to 0.3b due to NXsubentry
(edit) @243   12 years jemian working space for IDL support procedures
(edit) @242   12 years jemian Francesco's development code
(edit) @241   12 years jemian gather older stuff
(edit) @240   12 years jemian indentation
(edit) @239   12 years jemian refactor common steps
(edit) @238   12 years jemian per NeXus? Tech committee, application definitions will be either …
(edit) @234   12 years jemian improve the test for NeXus?, defend against ndarray use in attributes
(edit) @233   12 years jemian display SVN ID during usage display
(edit) @232   12 years jemian minor
(edit) @231   12 years jemian clarify display of arrays
(edit) @230   12 years jemian more generic startup
(edit) @229   12 years jemian keywords
(edit) @228   12 years jemian flattening
(edit) @227   12 years jemian finishing touches on h5toText - can now call as command-line tool, …
(edit) @226   12 years jemian improved the format of printed array contents, still consider UI …
(edit) @225   12 years jemian convert to object Python
(edit) @224   12 years jemian host independent paths to test files
(edit) @223   12 years jemian make this executable
(edit) @222   12 years jemian print HDF5 file contents in compact form
(edit) @221   12 years jemian perhaps these are legacy and can be discarded
(edit) @220   12 years jemian add more historical content to version control
(edit) @219   12 years jemian initial commit as-is
(add) @218   12 years jemian spearheaded by Chris Jacobsen
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