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    2424workstations.   The APS will need occasionally to update
    2525the suite of standard screens.
     30Install OPI screens (and other resources such as image files, javascript,
     31or definition files) into projects within your workspace.  The OPI screens
     32from *synApps* [#synApps]_ will go into their own project within your
     33workspace.  The screens from the APS accelerator will go into another
     34project.  Your instrument and beam line screens will typically go into
     35a single project but it is possible that you might have separate projects
     36for upstream optics, beam line staff, and users.
     38  Each *project* within CSS may come from a separate location:
     40  * local directory within your account and CSS workspace
     41  * file server accessible from your directory space
     42  * NFS or SMB (Samba) file server
     43  * Version Control working directory
     45  You can't share the CSS Workspace with another user,
     46  even if that other user is logged in with the same name.
     47  This will likely cause abnormal behavior for CSS.
     48  **But**, you can import a common or shared directory into your CSS
     49  workspace.
     51Leave the ``CSS`` project for use as a sandbox (special area for files
     52which you are testing or using for a short time and do not wish to treat
     53as part of everyone's workspace).
     56Install CSS-BOY on your computer
     59CSS [#CSS]_ (Control System Studio) was designed at DESY, Hamburg, Germany. 
     60CSS is software that provides a rich
     61environment for EPICS controls.
     63The SNS at ORNL added the BOY (Best Opi Yet --
     64where OPI is an EPICS term Operator Programmer Interface)
     65component which is an EPICS display tool.
     66For some time, APS developed a custom CSS product [#aps_css]_ to provide
     67features and customizations that were not part of the SNS build.
     69It is recommended now to use the CSS-BOY as built by the team at
     70SNS [#css_boy_downloads]_.
     72.. note::
     73   You need a Java Runtime Environment (at least) to run CSS.
     74   Also, you will need one or more EPICS IOCs to serve PVs
     75   or all you can do is use the simulator inside CSS.
     77#. Visit this URL and download most-recent version of
     78   **Basic EPICS** for your OS:
     80#. Unzip the contents someplace.  Typical for me is:
     81   ``~/Apps/CSS_EPICS_3.1.0``
     84add OPI screens from synApps as a CSS project
     87#. Open the ``CSS_EPICS_3.1.0`` (or whatever version) directory
     88#. Start ``css`` by double-clicking it
     89#. Select menu ``File-->Import ...``
     90#. Open ``General`` category,
     91   select ``Existing Projects into Workspace``,
     92   click ``Next`` button
     93#. Click ``Browse ...`` button (in *Import* window),
     94   navigate to ``/APSshare/epics/synApps_5_6/support/all_opi``,
     95   click ``Ok`` button
     96#. Click ``Finish`` button (in *Import* window)
     98define synApps default fonts and colors
     101#. Select menu ``Edit-->Preferences ...``
     102#. Open item ``CSS Applications``
     103#. Open item ``Display``
     104#. Click on item ``BOY``
     105#. For Color File, replace text with ``/synApps/color.def`` or *Browse...* to it
     106#. For Font File, replace text with ``/synApps/font.def`` or *Browse...* to it
     107#. For Top OPIs, replace with OPI file of your choice
     109.. note:: If get a console message that says:
     111      2012-04-30 15:59:12 ERROR: Failed to read font definition file.
     113   then you've got a typo or some other error.  Repeat these steps to fix it.
     116Define a project for your EPICS installation
     119Screens for your instrument or beam line or other installation of EPICS
     120may already be available.  If so, you might import them by following the steps
     121above used to import synApps.  If you need to develop your own screens,
     122then follow these steps:
     124#. Select menu ``File-->New``
     125#. Open ``General`` category,
     126   select ``Project``,
     127   click ``Next`` button
     128#. Give it a Project name, something short such as *44ID* or *iocPRJ*
     129   (try to avoid using spaces, it makes things harder later on),
     130#. In the ``Navigator`` view,
     131   open the new project by double-clicking (or any other equivalent way)
     133   Create an OPI file
     134   ******************
     136   #. Select menu ``File-->New``
     137   #. Open ``BOY`` category,
     138      select ``OPI File``,
     139      click ``Next`` button
     140   #. Select the folder to contain your new OPI screen,
     141      type the name of the new OPI file in the box,
     142      click ``Finish`` button
     144   Your new screen will appear in a CSS-BOY editing window.
     145   You might consider changing to the ``OPI Editor`` perspective
     146   as this will provide much more help in editing the screen.
     148Once you have setup the CSS-BOY project for your EPICS installation,
     149you might want one particular file to be the default  *main* file
     150for your CSS-BOY workspace.  Edit the menu for *Top OPIs* via:
     151``Edit --> Preferences ... --> CSS Applications --> Display``
     157Some of the terms used by eclipse and CSS and CSS-BOY may be unfamiliar.
     159============  ==================================================================
     161============  ==================================================================
     162Workspace     file system directory containing directories
     163              and files used by a single CSS-BOY user
     164Project       subdirectory within a ``workspace`` containing
     165              related files and subdirectories
     166``.js``       javascript file
     167``.opi``      display screen file used by CSS-BOY
     168Perspective   Defined arrangement of Views and Editors in eclipse.
     169              A Perspective can be customized and saved within
     170              the Workspace for later recall.
     171View          One type of display in eclipse, some can be undocked
     172              (or torn-off) so they can be a spearate window.
     173              ??? Are undocked Views saved as part of the
     174              Perspective? ???
     175Editor        One type of display in eclipse.
     176Navigator     Used to browse the Workspace for files and subdirectories.
     177eclipse       Java-based software providing a configurable interactive
     178              development environment (IDE).  Eclipse can be highly
     179              customized to deliver a specific application,
     180              such as CSS or CSS-BOY.
     181CSS           Control System Studio from DESY, based on eclipse
     182CSS-BOY       CSS Best Opi Yet EPICS Display software (replacement for medm)
     183============  ==================================================================
     188# _[#eclipse]
     189# _[#css_boy_downloads]
     190# _[#css]
     191# _[#aps_css]
     192# _[#synApps]
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