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4Known bugs
7* Duplicate ID warnings, for now, ignore them, the warning will be resolved in a future revision
8* roles should link to directives, see *example.mac* to illustrate the problem
9* fix the signature recognition for roles
10* fix the signature handling for roles and directives
11* grep detection of macros fails for def declarations in extended comments::
13        > I found the cause of the processing error. It must have something to do
14        > the the regex you use to identify definitions. Line 65 in the header
15        > docstring started with the word "defined". Somehow that triggered the
16        > regexp, which collected everything up to the next "(", which happens to be
17        > on line 69 "(2*AUTO_FILTER_FACTOR)".
18        > I temporarily fixed the problem by moving the word "defined" to the end of
19        > the previous line, but this fluke could potentially arise again. Is there
20        > a way of not searching for any of the function declarations (def, cdef,
21        > rdef, global, Š) inside a doctoring? Otherwise, you may have to improve
22        > the regex.
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