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89<h1>PvMail<a class="headerlink" href="#pvmail" title="Permalink to this headline">¶</a></h1>
90<p><a class="reference external" href=""></a></p>
91<p>PvMail was built to watch (monitor) an EPICS PV and send an email
92when the value of that PV changes from 0 to 1.</p>
93<div class="sidebar">
94<p class="first sidebar-title">IMPORTANT:</p>
95<p>PvMail <em>only</em> triggers when the trigger_PV makes a transition from 0 to 1.</p>
96<ul class="last simple">
97<li>It will ignore transitions (in floating-point PVs) to
981.0000... that do not come directly from 0.0000...
99If you wish to watch a PV that presents values other than 0 and 1,
100then use a calculation PV as the trigger which results in a
101transition from 0 to 1.</li>
102<li>Reset the value of the trigger_PV to 0 to resume watching
103for the next triggered event.</li>
106<p>The PV being watched (that <em>triggers</em> the sending of the email)
107can be any EPICS record type or field
108that results in a value of 0 (zero) that changes to 1 (one).  This
109includes these EPICS records (and possibly more):
110<em>ai</em>, <em>ao</em><em>bi</em>, <em>bo</em>, <em>calcout</em>, <em>scalcout</em>, <em>swait</em>, ...</p>
111<p>When an event causes an email to be triggered, PvMail will retrieve
112the value of another PV that is the first part of the message to be
113sent.  Additional metadata will be appended to the message.</p>
114<div class="admonition note">
115<p class="first admonition-title">Note</p>
116<p class="last">Email is sent using a call to the <tt class="docutils literal"><span class="pre">sendmail</span></tt> program on the native OS.
117This almost certainly precludes its use on Windows systems.
118The GUI or command-line versions will operate but likely no email
119is sent.  Also, the host computer must allow and be configured for
120sending email to the intended recipients.</p>
122<p>PvMail provides either a command-line interface or a graphical user
123interface.  Both are accessed from the same command, using different
124command-line options.  The command-line version is intended to run
125as a background program, it has no user interaction but logs all its
126output into a log file.  The GUI version provides a screen to edit
127each of the parameters before the background process is started.
128It also provides buttons to start and stop the background process.</p>
130<div class="section" id="overview-of-contents">
131<h1>Overview of Contents<a class="headerlink" href="#overview-of-contents" title="Permalink to this headline">¶</a></h1>
132<div class="toctree-wrapper compound">
134<li class="toctree-l1"><a class="reference internal" href="contents.html">Contents</a><ul>
135<li class="toctree-l2"><a class="reference internal" href="cli.html"> command-line interface</a></li>
136<li class="toctree-l2"><a class="reference internal" href="cli.html#command-line-parameters">command-line parameters</a></li>
137<li class="toctree-l2"><a class="reference internal" href="gui.html"> graphical user interface</a></li>
138<li class="toctree-l2"><a class="reference internal" href="test_database.html">EPICS test database</a></li>
139<li class="toctree-l2"><a class="reference internal" href="pvMail/modules.html">PvMail as a Python package</a></li>
140<li class="toctree-l2"><a class="reference internal" href="pvMail/modules.html#pvmail-source-code-documentation">PvMail source code documentation</a></li>
141<li class="toctree-l2"><a class="reference internal" href="info.html">More Information</a></li>
142<li class="toctree-l2"><a class="reference internal" href="info.html#todo-items-for-the-next-release">TODO items for the next release</a></li>
143<li class="toctree-l2"><a class="reference internal" href="license.html">License</a></li>
149<div class="section" id="glossary">
150<h1>Glossary<a class="headerlink" href="#glossary" title="Permalink to this headline">¶</a></h1>
151<dl class="docutils">
152<dt><span class="target" id="index-0"></span>CA</dt>
153<dd>EPICS Channel Access protocol</dd>
154<dt><span class="target" id="index-1"></span>CLI</dt>
155<dd>command-line interface</dd>
156<dt><span class="target" id="index-2"></span>EPICS</dt>
157<dd><a class="reference external" href=""></a></dd>
158<dt><span class="target" id="index-3"></span>GUI</dt>
159<dd>graphical user interface</dd>
160<dt><span class="target" id="index-4"></span>IOC</dt>
161<dd>EPICS Input/Output Controller, the EPICS server</dd>
162<dt><span class="target" id="index-5"></span>message PV</dt>
163<dd>EPICS PV that provides the text to be sent by email,
164additional metadata is appended to this text</dd>
165<dt><span class="target" id="index-6"></span>OS</dt>
166<dd>operating system</dd>
167<dt><span class="target" id="index-7"></span>PV</dt>
168<dd>EPICS process variable</dd>
169<dt><span class="target" id="index-8"></span>PyEpics</dt>
170<dd>Python package to manage connections with PVs served by an EPICS IOC</dd>
171<dt><span class="target" id="index-9"></span>Traits</dt>
172<dd>Python package to simplify construction of a GUI</dd>
173<dt><span class="target" id="index-10"></span>trigger PV</dt>
174<dd>EPICS PV that signals an email is to be sent</dd>
177<div class="section" id="dependencies">
178<h1>Dependencies<a class="headerlink" href="#dependencies" title="Permalink to this headline">¶</a></h1>
179<p>This software was built with various standard Python packages
180available in Python 2.7.  Additionally, this program uses:</p>
181<dl class="docutils" id="index-11">
182<dt><em>PyEpics</em> (EPICS interface)</dt>
183<dd><a class="reference external" href=""></a></dd>
185<dl class="docutils" id="index-12">
186<dt><em>Traits</em> (GUI library)</dt>
187<dd><a class="reference external" href=""></a></dd>
189<p>Both of these are available for
190<a class="reference external" href="">easy_install</a>
191from the Python Package Index (<a class="reference external" href=""></a>).</p>
195          </div>
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217      Created using <a href="">Sphinx</a> 1.1.2.
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