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Refs #2: config file is read now, output file is written now, need to connect with EPICS

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1<?xml version="1.0" ?>
2<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="basic-table.xsl" ?>
4<pvdata version="1.0" date="2009-11-06" time="10:32:00">
5    <title>epics2xml: demonstration of function</title>
6    <pv name="S:SRcurrent:AI" rate="monitor" date="2009-11-06" time="09:26:00">
7        <description>APS Storage ring current, mA</description>
8        <value>99.9853</value>
9    </pv>
10    <pv name="APS:BarometricPressure:MBR" rate="monitor" date="2009-11-06" time="10:28:00">
11        <description>ANL barometric pressure, mbar</description>
12        <value>992.083</value>
13    </pv>
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