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always convert text widgets from QString to str

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1.. -*- restructuredtext -*-
2   $Id: CHANGES 1614 2015-04-15 20:50:14Z jemian $
4This describes user-visible changes between the versions.
5Refer to the TRAC site for details on the tickets noting *BcdaQWidgets* in the title.
8Unreleased (development) Versions
112015.0415.0: minor: convert QString to str
122015.0413.0: replaced PySide support with PyQt4 since PySide project is decaying
13:0.1.5: changed packaging to simplify building docs at
14:0.1.4: revised PyQt import to pick what has already been imported
15:0.1.2: add BcdaQLabel_RBV widget for motors
16:0.1.1: handle color of alarm severity for CALC_INVALID
17:0.1:   initial trial
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