Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
33id_eps_log 327   11 years jemian show bars for open-close pairs; display each log in a WWW page
34ide 73   12 years jemian suggestion from PyDev? to avoid deprecated
APSpy 1436   8 years parkjs mac1id cleanup
bcdaqwidgets 1614   7 years jemian always convert text widgets from QString to str
CaChannel 37   13 years hammonds First in
caPython 71   12 years hammonds Fix some typing issues Fix memory leaks in the callbacks.
catcher 155   12 years jemian software license
cssboy_deployment 1511   8 years kpetersn Use fcntl.flock instead of fuser to determine if a workspace is locked …
dc2mda 336   11 years jemian housekeeping
epd_deployment 1350   8 years jemian new experience
epics2xml 87   12 years jemian formatting…
epicsdf 1595   7 years jemian checkpoint
hdf5_examine 1278   9 years jemian revised structure analysis, differences show the changes in the …
hdf5_exchange 1450   8 years jemian better to use isinstance() here
ioctest 1310   8 years jemian 64-bit instructions to install CSS-BOY
mda2idd_report 1258   9 years jemian fixes #40, confirm len(data[1].p)>0 before accessing data[1].p[0]
moxy 1599   7 years jemian implement simple cache for .ui forms
pvMail 1594   7 years jemian try to resolve problem with the traits imports when building the docs
pvrrd 628   10 years jemian documentation
qt-trials 1431   8 years jemian improvements, still have problems with unknown property elements of …
qtprobe-demo 1227   9 years jemian checkpoint
socket_responder 1267   9 years jemian initial checkin - modification from Kevin's source
softGlue_examples 1588   7 years jemian must define which python to be used
specdomain 1518   8 years jemian copyright
topdoc 1646   5 years jemian add stylesheet to view list of known IOCs
viewer 156   12 years jemian software license
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