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Welcome to the EXPGUI Trac site

This is a web system for access to the EXPGUI package, to log problems with the package, and to see what has been changed. GSAS & EXPGUI should be downloaded with links here. Downloads from non-Argonne servers may be long out of date. Note there are several distribution mechanisms available for installation; please see the installation notes for each supported platform: Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux for details on how to install.

EXPGUI links:

mailing list:
subversion server address:
EXPGUI project tracking: (here)

GSAS & EXPGUI links:

Introductory information about GSAS
new installation instructions: Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux
GSAS Manual:
APS training lectures:



Also, see the Timeline for details on all changes.

Development EXPGUI version

EXPGUI is not finished. It probably never will be, since there are so many features in GSAS that are not in EXPGUI and even more ways that use of GSAS can be made easier. There are actually two copies of EXPGUI at this site, the standard distribution and a copy that is used for development. The latter changes, sometimes day-to-day, and on occasion may be broken, but may be of interest to folks who want to try out the latest additions as they are developed. (And you are welcomed to be involved in the development of new features, too.) You can have both copies of EXPGUI loaded on your computer, if you wish, see these instructions.