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    2121The latest distributions for GSAS & EXPGUI are provided with links here. Several mechanisms are provided to load the latest version of the software to be loaded from an Argonne (subversion) server. When this installation method is used, the software can directly load updates from this server. An alternate installation method is also provided for computers that cannot directly connect to the server for download. Please see the installation notes for each supported platform: [InstallWindows Windows], [wiki:InstallOSX Mac OS X], or [InstallLinux Linux] for details on how to install from zip/dmg/tar distributions.
     23=== Development EXPGUI version ===
     25EXPGUI is not finished. It probably never will be, since there are so many features in GSAS that are not in EXPGUI and even more ways that use of GSAS can be made easier. There are actually two copies of EXPGUI at this site, [ the standard distribution] and a copy that is used for  [ development]. The latter changes, sometimes day-to-day, and on occasion may be broken, but may be of interest to folks who want to try out the latest additions as they are developed. (And you are welcomed to be involved in the development of new features, too.) You can have both copies of EXPGUI loaded on your computer, if you wish, see [wiki:AddSandbox these instructions].