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EXPGUI/GSAS on Ubuntu 11.04

I found Ubuntu easy to install, but with some significant glitches w/r to EXPGUI.

First problem is that svn is not installed. Command

sudo apt-get install subversion

takes care of that problem. (This can also be done from the Ubuntu Software Center).

To follow the instructions and use curl, one needs to install that too, but there are lots of ways to download without curl.

BLT problems

There seem to be a lot of problems with BLT on some Linux releases. I am not sure if it works properly in Tk8.5 at all. I am happy to post information on what does and does not work. My own experience is this: It appears the BLT version provided in Ubuntu (2.4z-4.2ubuntu1) is buggy. Liveplot would not run in tk8.5 at all and would crash on zooming with tk8.4. I have reported this as Debian Bug #636629. There is a possible workaround for 8.5: it requires commenting out all the <graph> yaxis config -title "string" commands in the various plotting scripts, should anyone want to do that for themselves.


  • use either ncnrpack or ncnrpack-linux3 (in gsas/exe) to run EXPGUI.
  • Change the desktop icon so that the Exec line reads something like this:

Exec=/home/toby/gsas/exe/ncnrpack /home/toby/gsas/expgui/expgui

rather than something like this:


This can be done from the desktop item properties (control-right mouse?) or by using a text editor on the ~/Desktop/EXPGUI.desktop file).

(note that /home/toby/gsas will need to be the location where you installed GSAS & EXPGUI).

Note that people running IBUS to input Asian characters may have problems with running ncnrpack. I got this from Khương Huỳnh Kim:

As for the keyboard input bug, I remembered that sometime ago you checked and could not repeated it in your system. I googled for the bug and found that it is due to a conflict between tcl/tk and a keyboard input method:

I got IBUS in my system for Vietnamese and Japanese input and therefore bug appeared. By disabling IBUS before running EXPGUI/CMPR:

killall ibus-daemon ,

EXPGUI and CMPR works well in my system (with using ncnrpack file).

64 bit

For 64-bit Ubuntu, none of the downloaded executable images can be run in the system as installed; one must install the 32-bit compatibility libraries:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs