Controlling the initial size/location of GSAS graphics (Linux/Mac?)

GSAS graphics (in POWPLOT, RAWPLOT, SPCGROUP,...) are displayed with the PGPLOT graphics package. On Mac and Linux platforms, the pgxwin_server driver is used to display results in a separate window. A number of options can be customized through X-windows defaults but the (see driver docs, but the most likely one that people will want is to control the initial size and placement of the graphics window.

This can be done by creating file ~/.Xdefaults (a file named .Xdefaults in the user's home directory) and adding to that file a line,

pgxwin.Win.geometry: 600x400+0+0

where 600x400 is the initial size for the graphics window and the +0+0 specifies the initial location (all in pixels).

Note that this file is read only when the PGPLOT server (pgxwin_server) is started, so you may need to deiconify the window and close it (or use killall pgxwin_server) so that make changes to this file take effect. On some Linux OSes you may also need to propagate these changes to the X server using this command:

xrdb ~/.Xdefaults

After doing this, kill the pgxwin_server process.

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