Using Proxies with Subversion

There have been problems experienced by users at several sites in installing GSAS & EXPGUI from the subversion server, usually at secure locations. This was interpreted as due to blocking of subversion ports. However, in at least some of these site the actual reason has been due to the need to use an internet proxy server. This has now been implemented in EXPGUI, as described below.

A typical proxy is supplied as a computer address (occasionally an IP address) and a port number, such as This information should be available from the folks who run your computer network. This is now requested when you run the installation script (bootstrap.bat or

apsvisit37d:tst toby$ python 
Enter the proxy address [none needed]:
Enter the proxy port [8080]: 


Please enter proxy server information, if required for your
web environment. Note that the proxy address will be a
computer address ( and the proxy port will
number, such as 80. If not needed or unsure, leave the
next two responses blank.
Enter the proxy address [none needed]:
Enter the proxy port [8080]: 80

This information is written in file proxyinfo.txt in the main GSAS directory:

apsvisit37d:tst toby$ cat proxyinfo.txt

It can be edited if needed. When this file is present when the "Update GSAS/EXPGUI" command is used in the EXPGUI file menu, the proxy information is used for subversion access.

Please note that I have not been able to test these features myself, since I don't have access to a functioning proxy server, so please do provide me with feedback on problems. Until I hear that these features do work, I don't want to put them in standard use.

Revised version of the installation packages are available at these URLs:

4 May, 2012


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