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EXPGUI release [1025] provides a number of changes that are summarized here. With this many changes included, there are significant chances for new bugs creeping in, so please report them via the ticket system: or by e-mail to Brian Toby. Note that editors/viewers described below are largely the work of Prof. Charles Lake, who is on sabbatical from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

  • Soft constraints (bond-distance restraints) editor: EXPGUI can now be used to add, edit or delete refinement restraints on interatomic distances
  • DISAGL controls editor: EXPGUI can now change the distance limits used for searching distances and angles reported by the DISAGL program
  • Distance and angle viewer: this allows the results from DISAGL to be browsed in a very easy way.
  • Staged disabling of tabs: In GSAS, a phase with at least one atom must be added before any data sets (histograms) can be included and not much else can be done without histograms. EXPGUI now disables tabs to lead neophyte users to the Phase and then Histogram panels by preventing access to most other sections of the program.
  • Changes have been made to allow EXPGUI to be installed on windows using directories with spaces in them, both for software installation and for location of data files. (File names with spaces are still not a good idea for EXP files.)
  • The mouse wheel can now be accessed by EXPGUI and this has been attached to a few scrollbars (please report other places where this should be added.)
  • Significant revisions to the system used for self-updating have been made.

At this time, these updates to EXPGUI are accessible only via the self-updating version of EXPGUI.