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Installing GSAS & EXPGUI on Windows

This procedure describes a new way to install GSAS & EXPGUI directly from a subversion repository. In this method the distribution file, (for Windows) does not need to change when the program is updated. Instead the latest version of the programs are downloaded from the server when the program is installed. Subsequently, if there are updates to GSAS or EXPGUI, an update can be made where only the files that have been changed are downloaded and installed. This update can be done using the File/Update?... menu option in EXPGUI or by executing the bootstrap.bat file in the GSAS directory.

Note this distribution is for Windows-XP or later. Windows-2000 might work; Windows-95, -98 & -ME are not supported.

How to install GSAS & EXPGUI

  • Step 2: Run through the installer pages, selecting options as needed. Most defaults options are good choices, though some people might prefer to install shortcuts in their Start menu and might prefer no desktop shortcuts.

Note: I am trying to get information on what does not work when one loads GSAS into a directory path that contains spaces (such as C:\Documents & Settings\username\gsas). Please send them to mailto:toby@…

  • Step 3: After you press the Install button on the last page of the installer, the bootstrap.bat file is started. The will take a minute or so to run with a fast Internet connection and much longer on a slow one (on the order of 30 Mb will be downloaded.)
  • Step 4: A cmd.exe window will open and names of files will stream by as they are loaded.

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