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    1515 * Step 3: After you press the Install button on the last page of the installer, the bootstrap.bat file is started. The will take a minute or so to run with a fast Internet connection and much longer on a slow one (on the order of 30 Mb will be downloaded.)
    17  * Step 4: A cmd.exe window will open and names of files will stream by as they are loaded.
     17 * Step 4: A cmd.exe window will open and names of files will stream by as they are loaded (see attachment for what the window will look like at the end). Press Enter in this window and then click on Finish in the "Setup Complete" window. Installation is now complete. GSAS & EXPGUI can now be run.
     19== Upgrades ==
     21In EXPGUI, one can press the "Upgrade GSAS/EXPGUI" menu button in the File menu. The response to this will be a window that says if there are updates to download or that the programs are "up-to-date". If there are updates, you have the option of installing them and restarting EXPGUI.
     23If you do not use EXPGUI, you can update by opening the C:\GSAS folder and clicking on the bootstrap.bat file or click on Start, then Run... and then type/browse to c:\gsas\bootstrap.bat (replace c:\GSAS with the installation location you used.)
     25One other option for upgrades is to use the free Tortoise SVN package (, which I recommend highly to windows users.
     27Note that if you make any modifications to any files distributed as part of GSAS or EXPGUI, these files may not be upgraded, should the changes be in the same regions as upgrades made by Bob or myself. If you are in the practice of modifying the programs, you should learn to use Tortoise SVN to do your upgrades.