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     1= Installing GSAS & EXPGUI on Mac OS X =
     3This page describes a new method for installing GSAS & EXPGUI where a small disk image is downloaded, which  contains a script that loads the latest versions of GSAS and EXPGUI. When GSAS & EXPGUI are loaded in this fashion, a menu item is activated in EXPGUI that allows it to check for updates and install them.
     5The software installation is done using a program called subversion (svn), in addition the installation script is run using the Python interpreter. Subversion comes preloaded on Leopard (10.5) and Snow Leopard systems (10.6), but Fink or some other approach must be used to load subversion for 10.4. I believe that python can be found on all of these OS versions.
     7Here is the procedure needed to load GSAS & EXPGUI using this method:
     9 * Download file
     11 * If the file does not automatically open in finder showing a volume containing a single gsas folder, click on the downloaded gsassvn_i86.dmg file.
     13 * Drag the gsas folder to where you want it on your computer. I recommend placing you place in an area where you have write access without running as admin (you don't login as an admin, routinely -- right?!). If you place this folder in /Applications or any other central location, use an admin account for the next step, as well as to run EXPGUI to perform upgrades.
     15 * Click on the gsas folder in the location where you have copied it. You should see three files: (the installation script);
     17expgui (an applescript for running EXPGUI, OS X 10.5 & 10.6)
     18expgui10.4 (an applescript for running EXPGUI, OS X 10.4)
     20 * click on This should launch python, which will open a terminal window and will start downloading the files needed by GSAS & EXPGUI from the network. If python is installed, but not connected to the .py extension, it is possible to open a terminal window, use 'cd' to change to the approiate directory and then type 'python'
     22 * recommended: drag the appropriate applescript, expgui (OS X 10.5 & 10.6) or expgui10.4 (OS X 10.4) to the dock.