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     1= Installing GSAS & EXPGUI on Linux =
     3There are so many flavors and releases of Linux in use, it is hard to prepare a installer that works on all platforms. Some testing has been done with Fedora Core 10 & 12. Please send feedback on experience with other systems
     5== Prerequisites ==
     7'''Python''': the python interpreter is required to run the install script. This I believe is found on all modern linuxes as part of the basic install.
     9'''Subversion''': the subversion (also called svn) is required to use this install and update management mechanism. This is a common package, but usually is not installed by default. The presence of this can be tested by typing `which svn`. To load the package use `yum install subversion` (works on Redhat).
     11'''tcsh''': this shell is needed to run the GSAS script. If you will only use EXPGUI, this is not needed. It does not seem to be loaded by default. The presence of this can be tested by typing `ls /bin/tcsh`. To load the package use `yum install tcsh` (works on Redhat).
     13'''Tcl/Tk & BLT''': EXPGUI requires the Tcl/Tk interpreter to run. In addition, the BLT graphics package is required for plots (EXPGUI may run without this). It is possible to load Tcl/Tk and BLT on most versions of Linux, but there seems to be problems running BLT under Tcl/Tk 8.5. There is also a version of Tcl/Tk that is included with the GSAS/EXPGUI distribution (`.../gsas/exe/ncnrpack`), but this has problems on some platforms
    115If you plan to use the GSAS shell script, you may need to load the tcsh shell. (To test, type 'which tcsh' at the command line.) To load tcsh use command 'yum install tcsh' (Redhat)
    418To load tcsh use command 'yum install subversion' (Redhat)
     20== Installation Commands ==
     21The following four commands can be used to create a GSAS installation directory and install GSAS & EXPGUI in that area:
    723 * mkdir ~/gsas