Sep 16, 2010:

4:50 PM Changeset [1008] by chlake
cleanup indents, etc. add Fill_Display on change of phase
4:27 PM Changeset [1007] by chlake
relabel constraints tab (need a better label!) readexp: breakup lines …
2:32 PM Changeset [1006] by chlake
Fixed refresh problems after leaving Restraint Editor Window

Sep 15, 2010:

5:54 PM Changeset [1005] by chlake
Made SR_Sort generic and added sort routine to restraint list box. …
4:17 PM Changeset [1004] by chlake
Added restraint only list to main restraints window.
12:22 PM Changeset [1003] by chlake
Fixed bugs in ::sr_restraintdist and ::sr_lookuplist variables.
11:58 AM Changeset [1002] by chlake
Renamed sr_all_bonds to sr_bond_list removed global variable prsort, …

Sep 14, 2010:

4:41 PM Changeset [1001] by chlake
cleanup, add bell for error
4:23 PM Changeset [1000] by toby
readexp: fix return list distrest: new routines for s.c. editing

Sep 8, 2010:

5:04 PM Changeset [999] by toby
Add Distance Rest to Constraints (sandbox)

Sep 7, 2010:

3:04 PM Changeset [998] by toby
tag Copy head version to create a branch to play with
12:58 PM Changeset [997] by toby
fix awful bug introduced with prev. code rearangement that should not …

Sep 4, 2010:

4:56 PM InstallWindows edited by toby

Aug 27, 2010:

11:14 PM Changeset [996] by toby
Many revisions for handling file names with spaces using new …

Aug 18, 2010:

6:05 PM Changeset [995] by toby
more space in dir changes
4:55 PM Changeset [994] by toby
fix running GSAS programs where install location has spaces

Aug 17, 2010:

12:53 PM Ticket #4 (Shenzhen Taijie Printing Company in China) closed by toby
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