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(edit) @1102   12 years toby make rb tcl8.4 compatible
(edit) @1101   12 years toby new routines for RB editing, more to come
(edit) @1100   12 years toby fix RB
(edit) @1098   12 years toby add z-matrix conversion
(edit) @1036   12 years toby fix bug on replace atoms; clean up loading/creation of exp files; add …
(edit) @1032   12 years toby fix creation of soft constr histogram
(edit) @1031   12 years toby more changes to buttons
(edit) @1030   12 years toby add delta-d/d & manual zoom to widplt; distrest & distagledit: remove …
(edit) @1029   12 years toby fix FWHM calc
(edit) @1027   12 years chlake Added standard uncertainties, Dmax filter and fixed a few bugs.
(edit) @1026   12 years toby put formatSU in common area
(edit) @1024   12 years chlake Added Mouse Scroll Wheel Focus
(edit) @1023   12 years chlake minor modifications
(edit) @1022   12 years chlake Raised window for geo viewer and added Grab release commands to disagledit
(edit) @1021   12 years chlake add disagl edit & viewer
(edit) @1020   12 years toby fix string to work with older Tcl/Tk?
(edit) @1019   12 years toby Fix Save as bug
(edit) @1018   12 years toby Set DISAGL dist/angle options
(edit) @1017   12 years toby read default radii from AFAC records
(edit) @1016   12 years toby read & edit DISAGL distance/angle radii
(edit) @1015   12 years toby mapexp: set expgui(mapstat) to trigger trace; move tab disable from …
(edit) @1014   12 years toby add home for single xtal work
(edit) @1013   12 years chlake save exp file changes before DISAGL
(edit) @1012   12 years chlake 1 - Atom filters show only atom types present in the phase. 2 - Added …
(edit) @1011   12 years chlake Fixed phase choice problems and traces. Added grab restore to fix …
(edit) @1010   12 years chlake Fixed bug in SR_Write_Restraint Procedure
(edit) @1009   12 years chlake Final?? File
(edit) @1008   12 years chlake cleanup indents, etc. add Fill_Display on change of phase
(edit) @1007   12 years chlake relabel constraints tab (need a better label!) readexp: breakup lines …
(edit) @1006   12 years chlake Fixed refresh problems after leaving Restraint Editor Window
(edit) @1005   12 years chlake Made SR_Sort generic and added sort routine to restraint list box. …
(edit) @1004   12 years chlake Added restraint only list to main restraints window.
(edit) @1003   12 years chlake Fixed bugs in ::sr_restraintdist and ::sr_lookuplist variables.
(edit) @1002   12 years chlake Renamed sr_all_bonds to sr_bond_list removed global variable prsort, …
(edit) @1001   12 years chlake cleanup, add bell for error
(edit) @1000   12 years toby readexp: fix return list distrest: new routines for s.c. editing
(edit) @999   12 years toby Add Distance Rest to Constraints (sandbox)
(copy) @998   12 years toby tag Copy head version to create a branch to play with
copied from trunk:
(edit) @997   12 years toby fix awful bug introduced with prev. code rearangement that should not …
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